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Breakout Segment A
Breakout Segment B
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Ballroom A – Breakout Segment A

Presenter 1: Breathitt County ATC Tiny House Project Presenter 2: Patricia Hackworth Bobcat Book Club I want students to be more proficient readers. Proficiency in reading is needed for success...
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Johnson Central ACT Team
Patricia Hackworth
Cassandra Stevens
Gavin Couture
Haridas Chandran
Jason Arnett
Breathitt County ATC

Ballroom B – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Jackson Independent Community Challenge Team Presenter 2: Patricia Pratt Lions, Let’s Code, Tinker, and Print! Upon returning to the classroom to teach technology after retiring three years...
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Caleb Gearhart
Layla England
Donna Combs
Patricia L. Pratt
Maggie Roll
Justin Bailey
Sarah E. Kincaid

Ballroom C – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Floyd County ATC Tiny House Project Students will be involved with these five components for the tiny house project. The components are: Design plan for the tiny...
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Brysen Honeycutt
Mitchell Pollard
Hazard 606
John Handshoe
Dawn Kinner
Floyd County ATC
Jesse Lucas
Melissa Waddell

Boardroom Upper Level – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: BREATHITT COUNTY High School ACT Creating a Learning Community This year, Breathitt High School and Sebastian Middle School combined to form a 7-12 school. With this transition, we...
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Caleb Ashley
Garry Henson
Breathitt High School ACT Team
Jim Evans
Orville Bennett
Hans Doderer
Teddy Martin
Britni Tincher-Back
Cathy Conley

Concourse A – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Morgan Cox & Brooklyn Brandenburg Lee County High School Student Senate Plan Presenter 2: Belinda Lester Kindles for Kids I received a grant to purchase Kindles for...
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Brooklyn Brandenburg
Morgan Cox
Bethany Tackett
Belinda Lester
Deanna Jacobs
Jessica Davis
Michelle Scott

Concourse B – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Cassi Steele “Ready. Set Sail!” To address the problem of low student reading performance in my classroom, I would like to introduce student choice to my RTI...
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Emily Blevins
Autumn Gravely
Clinton Middle School ACT Team
Michelle Salyers
Cassi Steele
Jordan Fillingham
Victoria Howard
Megan Dials

Concourse C – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Cindy Tackett A Penny Saved My problem of practice is that students have little to no knowledge of how to handle money. I know it’s a problem because...
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Loren Patton
Madison Stiltner
Jackson Independent ACT Team
Tomika Goble
Walter Thompson
Cindy Tackett
Courtney Kingsmore

Concourse D – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Tackett Holli Virtual Dementia Experience Presenter 2: Traci Campbell Enhancing Communication for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with Severe Communication and Behavioral Deficits Through Technology It...
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Rachael Melvin
Flat Gap ACT Team
Allen Elementary ACT Team
Andrus Sizemore
Holli Tackett
Micah Davis
Traci Campbell
Misty Noble

Concourse E – Breakout Segment A

 Presenter 1: Amy Hollan Voice Enhancers Using “Voice Enhancers” is an excellent solution to help with the anxiety students have of speaking in front of a crowd. Kindergarten students...
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Ben Miller
Taylor Stumbo
Amy Hollan
Cathy Wright
Frankie Puckett
Pam Blankenship
Christina M Howard
Misty Howell

Ballroom A – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Ashland Independent ATC Building it Forward – Tiny House The idea for building a tiny house actually began last year following a meeting with city officials regarding...
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Hannah Brewer
Kelsey Daniel
Ashland Independent ATC
Shannon Shepherd
Anthony Tackett
Haridas Chandran
Christina Crase
Kim Shirkey
Cortney Flannery Kidd

Ballroom B – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Emmanuel Anama-Green Jr. Connecting Kids to the World-Global Connections Using Technology Students in Spanish classes at our school most likely will not be able to complete a...
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Jessica Bowling-Stacy
Madilynn Smoot
Jarrod Coots
Donna Combs
Tommy Judd
Emmanuel Bowman Anama-Green, Jr. (“Bo”)
Terri Tackett
Angel Mobley

Ballroom C – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Hannah Griffith & Kaylan Brewer Breathitt County Student Senate Plan Presenter 2: Knott Central High School Community Challenge Team Patriot Pavilion #cultivatecommunity Presenter 3: Stephanie Younger Promoting...
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Kaylan Brewer
Hannah Griffith
Lawrence High School ACT Team
Chris Meadows
Mallory Williamson
Michael Melton
Zack Bolen
Stephanie Younger

Boardroom Upper Level – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Jasmine Reed & Hamby Lauren Floyd Central High School Student Senate Plan Presenter 2: Francis Davis Simulated Medical Office: Customer Service The simulated customer work center will...
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Lauren Hamby
Jasmine Reed
Emily Kerwin
Hans Doderer
Sterling Harris
Francis Davis
Britni Tincher-Back
Jeffrey A Coots

Concourse A – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Drew Richardson & Emily Caudill Letcher Central High School Student Senate Plan Presenter 2: Michelle Stambaugh Tablets Together! Presenter 3: Stephanie Marsillett MERGEing Literacy with Augmented and...
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Drew Richardson
Emily Caudill
Magoffin High School ACT Team
Debbie Napier
Charles Michael Bell
Stephanie Marsillett
Carole Bentley
Michelle Stambaugh

Concourse B – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Michelle Salyers Speech Buddy As a speech language pathologist I am constantly looking for ways to improve my student’s speech sound production skills and language skills. There...
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Robert Kelley
Andrew Padgett
Jessica Mullins
Michelle Salyers
Stephanie Tiller
Phelps ATC
Nikki Ferguson
Victoria Howard
Kelli Ratliff

Concourse C – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Erin Giesler Flexible Seating for Focused Learning I plan to implement flexible seating to assist students with ADD, ADHD, EBD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or intellectual disabilities. Students...
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Jaimie Cook
Keiley Bentley
Julie Ussery
Letcher Middle ACT Team
Liza Hylton
Ashley Taylor
Charles Holbrook
Laura Carroll
Tiffany Perkins
Erin Giesler

Concourse D – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Nikki Farler Taking Sensory Mainstream My project, will address the problem of addressing student’s sensory needs in co-teaching environments to lessen time away from instruction. This problem limits...
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Braedon French
Brendan Bush
Paintsville ACT Team
Andrus Sizemore
Robin Hyden
Tracie Davis
Andrea Rowland
Nikki Farler
Jenny Mead
Misty Noble

Concourse E – Breakout Segment B

 Presenter 1: Natasha Sparkman Beaver Achievers: 1:1 As I enter my classroom of twenty-six first graders on the first day, I quickly find out the demands of a younger...
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Blake Cochran
Sarah Thompson
Louisa East ACT Team
Fallsburg Elementary ACT Team
Amy Hollan
Elizabeth Harmon
Frankie Puckett
Jessica Kiser
Natasha Sparkman

Ballroom A – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Shannon Shepherd Digital Photography This will be for my Visual Arts 11, III/IV students (58 students) Most immediate and directly affecting them going on to college, vocational...
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Kaila Zacarias
Kelly Mahon
Rebecca Potter
Shannon Shepherd
Autumn Chapman
Laura Hansen
Annette Ward
Haridas Chandran
Christina Crase
Cortney Flannery Kidd

Ballroom B – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Johnson Central & Paintsville Independent High School Community Challenge Team Presenter 2: John Lucas Bio-Diesel-Light Vehicle Diesel “Education is not the learning of many facts, but the...
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Avery Gibson
Keenan Conley
Betsy Layne ACT Team
John Lucas
Joanna Thompson
Amy Ratliff
David Prince

Ballroom C – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1:Les Trimble Tiger Tracks Getting students to be motivated to move is sometimes a hard task. You always have your students that love to come to P.E. and play,...
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Mary Ann Pack
Les Trimble
Trajon Campbell
Brittany Vires
Knott County ATC
Teresa Brewer
Melissa Blackburn
Dawn Kinner

Boardroom Upper Level – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Britni Tincher-Back “GREEN” With Innovation This year I will be teaching our very first Agricultural Science Class at Jackson City School and I have never been more...
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Caleb Barnett
Victoria Ruanto
Jim Evans
Lee County ATC
Orville Bennett
Britni Tincher-Back
Jeffrey A Coots
Emanuela Price
Sterling Harris

Concourse A – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Anna Henson & JT Mills Belfry County Student Senate Presenter 2: Melinda Thompson Boogie into 21st Century A student recently presented me with a “Boogie Board”. It...
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Anna Henson
JT Mills
Melinda Thompson
Jeanne Reed
Tara Howard
Lindsay Stewart
Jessica Davis
Mark Harmon
David Sparks
Rachel Holbrook

Concourse B – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Stephanie Tiller Building Math Presenter 2: Rachel Frazier Coding the Classroom: Creating Future Programming Engineers With coding on the rise, students should be given the opportunity to...
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Highland Turner ACT Team
Lakin Puckett
Karosta May
Rachel Frazier
Stephanie Tiller
Crystal Smallwood
Amanda Turner
Tiffany Perkins

Concourse C – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Emely Sanders Appalachia Treasures I’ve heard it said, “Teach a child how to read, and you’ve given them the world.” believe this to be so true, but...
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Abby Oliver
Wyatt Lucas
Letcher Elementary ACT Team
Emely Sanders
Tammy Cook
Susan Adams
Elisha Lewis
Gerald Brashear

Concourse D – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: South Floyd Elementary ACT Team Personalizing Learning South Floyd Elementary is a K-8 school of 750 students located in a rural area at Hi Hat, Kentucky. After analyzing...
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Renae Plaxico
South Floyd Elementary ACT Team
Valerie Pugh
Nikki Farler
Latonya Taylor-Rowe
Gaylena Burchett
Danielle Masters

Concourse E – Breakout Segment C

 Presenter 1: Neil Arnett Lego WeDo: Primary Can Too! Primary students can learn to code and build robots too! We are preparing students for jobs we don’t even know exist...
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Prestonsburg Elementary ACT Team
Ashley Arnett
Allison King
Melissa Little
Charles Jeffrey Coots
Neil Arnett
Teresa Miller