Virtual FIRE Summit Schedule

Day 1 - May 12
Day 2 - May 13
Day 3 - May 14

Transition Innovation

Julie Amburgey
Leisa Ammerman
Jimmy Artrip
James Barrett
Tyler Branham
Orville Bennett
Melissa Blair
Christa Collins
Donna Combs
Michele Combs
Cathy Conley
Jennifer Dheel
Nikki Farler
Brandy Hackney
Karen Hay
Monty Hill
Megan Huffman
Beverly Johnson
Thomas Judd
Sarah E. Kincaid
Emily Kincer
Joey Kincer
Katherine King
Kelah Lowe
Jesse Lucas
Teddy Martin
Kecia Maynard
Michael C. Melton
Angel Mobley
Melinda Music
Tiffany Perkins
Cristen Pulliam
Jamey Sellars
Heather Sharp
Andrus Sizemore
David Slone
Lisa Tackett
Kelsey Tackett
Misty Napier-Tackett
Alan Taylor
Ashley Taylor
Candace Thomas
Melissa Waddell
Jordan Miller
Stephanie Miller
Blake Mason
Rebecca Potter
Frankie Puckett
Hannah Watts

Building it Forward – Tiny House Project

Ashland Independent ATC
Breathitt County ATC
Floyd County ATC
Knott County ATC
Lee County ATC
Phelps ATC


In 2019-2021 KVEC, through a research project with the Kentucky Department of Education,  launched an innovative approach to the development of micro-credentials for clinical, personalized professional learning designed for teachers of students with disabilities.  Twelve teams of Special Education teachers and KVEC staff identified specific skills and competencies needed by teachers of students with disabilities.  Those teams crafted 12 micro-credentials that, while aimed at special education teachers, would also be appropriate for regular education teachers.  Those micro-credentials include Co-Teaching, Using QFT in Math Instruction, Eliciting Student Thinking, and Using Direct Measures in Progress Monitoring.  The presentations by KVEC Special Education teachers who designed the micro-credentials discuss the skills and competencies the micro-credentials are designed to credential, the process of developing micro-credentials, and the lesson learned in this pilot project.
Sabrina McElroy
Justin Combs
Donna Huff
Stephanie Nichols
Elizabeth Minix
Tyler Branham
Emily Kincer
Tiffany Perkins
Kara Gayhart

Activating Catalytic Transformation (ACT)

Activating Catalytic Transformation (ACT) is a network of 17 school-based shared leadership teams who have been working together over the course of the 2019-2020 school year to utilize a cycle of continuous improvement to identify and solve a school-wide problem of practice.  Each school has engaged in data analysis, the identification of a systemic problem of practice, the development of a Theory of Action guided by scholarship and research, implemented the Theory of Action and are engaged in sharing their solutions across the Network and beyond.  Problems of Practice include increasing student attendance, strengthening staff-student relationships, authentic student engagement, and strengthening grade-level alignment of instruction. The High School teams in ACT also participated in a research project with REL Appalachia and learned strategies for implementing cycles of continuous improvement.  Each school has an amazing story to tell, supported with research and artifacts to make their lessons learned shareable.
Allen Elementary ACT Team
Eden Elementary ACT Team
Fallsburg Elementary ACT Team
Flat Gap Elementary ACT Team
Highland Turner Elementary ACT Team
Jackson City ACT Team
Johnson Central High School ACT Team
Letcher Elementary ACT Team
Louisa East Elementary ACT Team
Magoffin County High School ACT Team
Mountain View Elementary ACT
Oakview Elementary ACT Team
Paintsville Elementary ACT Team
Perry County Central High School ACT Team
Prestonsburg Elementary ACT Team
South Floyd Elementary ACT Team
WR Castle ACT Team

Special Education PAN

Donna Huff
Stephanie Nichols
Elizabeth Minix
Gwen Day
Danielle Aldrich
Tracey Feltner
Jennifer Thornsberry
Angie Cordel
Autumn Newsome
Beth Miller
Tina Griffith
Tammy Cook
Melissa Hall
Chasity Prater
Marlene Hamiliton
Emily Kincer
Tiffany Perkins

Special Education

Donna Combs
Ashley Bowling
Kara Gayhart
Courtney Hall
Elizabeth Harmon
Danielle Masters
Teresa Miller
Whitney Nevarez
Daphne Noble
Michelle Salyers
Paula Watts
Jennifer Wells
Krista Whitaker

Student Senate & Community Challenge

Ashland Independent Community Challenge
Harlan Community Challenge
Jackson Independent School District Community Challenge
Owsley Community Challenge
Brycen Allen
Caleb Ashley
Sarah Belcher
Emily Blevins
Hannah Boggs
Courtney Bowling
Brooklyn Brandenburg
Hannah Brewer
Kaylan Brewer
Trajon Campbell
Emily Caudill
Caden Coleman
Gavin Couture
Alexa Day
Ava Dixon
Brenna V. Early
Alyssa Fletcher
Braedon French
Avery Gibson
Anna Henson
Savanna Holbrook
Brysen Honeycutt
Emma Latherow
Mackensi Lester
Sydnee Lowe
Maddie French
Ben Miller
Abby Oliver
Loren Patton
Susan Phillips
Gabriel Polly
Jackson Potter
Lakin Puckett
Ethan Pugh
Tamanna Sajnani
Sarah-Ashley Sellers
Oren Hunter Shouse
Madilynn Smoot
Makala Stambaugh
Sarah Thompson
Emma Thornsberry
Olivia Thornsberry
Ryan Varney
Kaila Zacarias

Grade School Learning Innovation

Frankie Puckett
April Sexton
Latonya Taylor-Rowe
Elisha Lewis
Tomika Goble
Andrea Rowland
Tara Howard
Martina Lutz
Melissa Davis
Kimberly Howard
Gaylena Burchett
Shana Trimble
Regina Stamper
Dena Smith
Raina May
Summer Brown
Victoria Howard
Jessica Mullins
Sabrina Bennett
Brenda Centers
Neil Arnett
Sheila Meade
Amy Hollan
Melissa Little
Cheri Arrowood
Marisa Brown
Amanda Adams
Jeanie Howard
Casey Salyers
Amy West
Ashley Gamble
Marilyn Mullins
Janie Daniels
Anna Burton
Tracie Davis
Tammy Kelly
Lisa Belvins-Salyer
Becki McDavid
Pam Blankenship

Middle School Learning Innovation

Sterling Harris
Britni Tincher-Back
Jessica Davis
Debbie Napier
Carole Bentley
Dixie Combs
Jason Hall
Mary Carter-Osborne
Jessica Crittendon
Haley Minix
McKenzi May
Cody Taylor
Amy Newsome
Wrendi McDavid
Anjanette Davidson
Misty Ward
Melissa Henson-Little
Lisa Blankenship
Tammy Meade
Mark Harmon
Alonzo Fugate
Bobby Shouse
Sherri Woods
Tara Boggs
Charles David Napier II
David Sparks
Stephannie Marsillett

High School Learning Innovation

Jesse Lucas
Autumn Chapman
John Handshoe
Charles J Coots
Jason Arnett
Jessica Bowling-Stacy
Helen Williams
Kelly Scott
Dawn Kinner
Ryan Prince
Hans Doderer
Shannon D. Shepherd
Greg Prater
Haridas Chandran
Kenneth O’Quinn
Allison Leip
Teresa Brewer
Emaleigh Osborn
Bruce Harkins Jr
Jessica Allen
Matthew Hammond
Jeffrey A Coots
Annette Ward
Patrick Lester
Charles Brennan Hackney
Jennifer Spade
Amber Tackett
Sterling Harris
Britni Tincher-Back