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Martina Lutz



Literacy Through Music & “Play”

After an unprecedented year of teaching, due to Covid, many children are now below grade level in their reading and language skills. Music is an essential component to early literacy development. Currently a lack of equipment and resources make it difficult to integrate a blended learning environment into my K-6 music classroom.

There are five main components of Reading: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary, Fluency and Comprehension (Music, Nursery rhymes, Sing Alongs all help in the development of all five components).

Music and all its components, has a direct influence on overall literacy. Music accelerates brain development, particularly in the acquisition of language development and reading skills. Music trains the mind and body to work in sync.

This year I would love to implement the use of “play” and “plays” to help promote literacy. Music play for younger students helps with scaffolding skills essential for early readers. We work with patterns, echoing, Language acquisition, listening skills, and memory when we learn about music. For my older students I believe the use of putting on “plays”, and concerts will help promote literacy through use of spoken word, dialogue, poetry, and lyrics. I also believe music through singing and performance will improve fluency in these students.

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