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Investigation of Changes in the Globe by Various Factors using System Tool Kit and AreGis Map

Haridas Chandran – Investigation of Changes

Students in my Physics class will download the System Tool kit program and learn all the customizable toolbars, docable maps and 3D graphic windows. Students will create in the STK design space called scenario, any number of satellites, aircrafts, targets, communication systems. For each object that is specific for collection of data, namely data from ice caps in the north pole using Galileo satellite, students will be able to determine the time of duration of the satellite and can contact NASA or other agencies to provide the data so that they can map using the ArcGIS program. Variations in the map will be determined by using the Image J program and measuring the area of the ice caps for a decade.

Investigation of Changes in the Globe

Naocrystalline Dye Senitized Solar Cell

Haridas Chandran – Nanocrystalline

Students in my Physics class will use a thin film of titanium dioxide (TiO2) which will be grounded to a fine powder to increase its reactive surface area. They will take the powder sandwich between two glass slides that are coated with conductive and transparent indium tin oxide (ITO). The titanium dioxide will be impregnated with a raspberry juice. The chemical anthocyanin in the raspberry juice traps the solar energy and passes the charge to the TiO2.

Students finally fill the space between the slides with liquid electrolyte solution of potassium iodide which serves as a transport charge from the bottom electrode to the dye to complete the circuit. Four different procedures will be carried out namely, staining the TiO2 with Anthocyanine dye, carbon coating the couter electrode, assembling the solar cell and testing the cell to create the final product.

Nanocrystalline Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

STEAM: Teaching to the Middle

Haridas Chandran – STEAM Teaching

Middle school 8th graders are divided into four groups and each group is given a project of their choice. Students in the group that focus on building drones using Lego blocks will build a drone that contain frames, motots, antenna, camera as shown in Fig 1. Once completed the structure, they will program the drone and use remote to fly and take pictures of various places.

Students in the group that focus on creating automatic striking bowling ball is planning to understand different mechanism and electronic that is responsible for the movement of the bowling bass. They have ordered a City Bb 8 RC star wars which almost replicates the bowling ball that they are interested in creating one. Students will acquire all the relevant ideas by looking at the construction of the City Bb & RC and the electronics to build the automatic striking ball.

STEAM Teaching to the Middle

Modern Classroom

Looking at the Video, I think that this learning innovation grant will help me to find a different approach of teaching and learning. This model provides seems to provide less anxiety to students and provides ownership for the students in their learning process. I like the way teachers are mentoring to motivate and compassionate also. The collaboration amongst the student also seems to be beneficial not only for them but also to everyone in the classroom. This models also provides teachers to focus on a student or group of students who are lagging behind. I strongly feel that this model will allow students to work at their own pace that reduces boredom for the students who cannot be in par with more advanced students. I am confident that this model introduced in my classes will enable me to achieve the goals of being attentive to all the students that will be equal to a recipe for success.

Modern Classroom

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