Nikki Farler


Nikki Farler



Blue Jay Coders – Increasing Relationships through Coding

There is a lack of STEM activities in our primary program especially in our lower primary. Also, encouraging leadership opportunities in students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Introducing robots and simple coding through moderate to severe students partnering with our STLP team to introduce the skills to small groups of kindergarten students.

Bluejay Coders

Voices of Troublesome

Millennial Appalachian students grow up in a fading culture and no longer recognize the unique culture of the Appalachia.

Using the funds from KVEC, we will create an Appalachian Literature Library with a focus on Appalachian authors. Focusing on the Children’s book When I was Young in the Mountains, we will allow the students of Robinson Elementary to share their millennial stories of growing up in Appalachia during a pandemic and the current struggles of the region. Using local artisans and the resources of the Perry Promise artisans we will use the books to experience the Appalachian culture through crafts and food experiences.

Voices of the Troublesome

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