Concourse D – Segment A

Concourse D – Segment A

Presenter 1: Brandy Hackney & Katherine King

Taking Care of Business Everyday

A school store filled with common student necessities and things of interest would benefit my finance students in the Administration Support Pathway. The store would be ran by finance / accounting, marketing and business communications students.

Presenter 2: Dawn Kinner

Seeing is Believing When You Can’t See Straight

To help students understand the dangers of drinking and driving and that it is a real problem that could happen to them or someone they know. The goal of this grant is to raise awareness to teenagers so that they see first hand, the effects alcohol has on the body and on decision making. Students will use drunk goggles that re-create the visual distortion, loss of perception, and lack of control that impair drunk drivers.

Presenter 3: Matthew Hammond

Shining a LIGHT on drama and Humanities education

With this grant, the often overlooked subject of light design will be used to enhance the educational experience of the students.

Presenter 4: Perry County Central ACT Team

Improving Data by Improving Connections

Presenter 5: Donna Combs

The Bobcat Store

I want to use a variety of Math strategies to show my students how basic math can be used to calculate profits and calculate expenses, learn how advertising will help their business grow and teach them different ways to become successful by creating a Entrepreneurship of making T-shirts/hats with designs and decals for cups/mugs. This opportunity will give students a chance to increase their confidence with their ability to have a positive working relationship with their classmates.

Presenter 6: Kaila Zacarias & Sarah Belcher

KVEC Student Senate

Flags We collaborated with our school principal, who was wanting to start saying the Pledge of Allegiance in our school, to get flags for the classrooms. Character Traits We will be introducing a character trait a month that we want our students to exhibit. This will be announced over the intercom in the morning and the new show will also have a segment over our word of the month. September was honesty and October will be responsibility. Teachers will be asked to submit via google form one or two students they feel exhibited this quality to be rewarded with cookies and milk. Ambassadors’ Council We will have two ambassadors from every club and team in our school come together for our school Ambassadors’ Council. Sponsors and coaches will recommend students by October 1st. After this, we will pick the ambassadors with our student senate sponsor if we are not notified of representatives. We will meet on a morning in October to discuss our plans for the year over breakfast at the school. The Senators will be asked to complete two projects each semester. The fall semester will include cutting out locker decorations for each student in our school to make each member of the panther family feel included. They will also host a food drive during the holiday season to provide meals to families in need. The spring semester will consist of an extracurricular fair for 8th graders in our school and another event that is waiting for approval. Census Because of the recent loss of funding and potential for further withdrawals, we feel it is important to make sure our region benefits from every citizen. Many people were not counted in the last census and we are looking to help prevent this for the 2020 count. We will partner with our school news show to make a short PSA to educate people on the use of the Census. We are in the process of writing a proposal to have a segment on Pike TV where we will interview community members on the importance of having every citizen in Eastern Kentucky counted. Community Event We are planning another community event to create unity in our city that will need to be approved.

Presenter 7: Haridas Chandran & Greg Prater

Building 3D objects using Photogrammetry and Drones

Students in the STEAM class will focus on learning to fly the drone at different altitudes and angles to capture the images of the object/scene to be modeled using 3D printer available in our laboratory. During this process students will also focus on getting information of the objects namely the height, perimeter and the GPS coordinate system to fly the drone. Depending on the drone system they use, students will try to map the drone to fly independently. They will also use the camera system to take pictures of the object/scene. The pictures taken will be stored on a microchip. Depending on the drone students will learn to take pictures remotely or using the flight controller. The pictures that was captured by the drone will be processed to create 3D images by using photogrammetry software. Students will learn the techniques to convert the pixels to images. The program will also help to identify some of the physical properties namely, the height, surface area and the contour of the object/scenes captured by the drone camera. Students involved in this project, will collect data at each stage of their project. They will also research on the type of object/scenes to photograph that are of historical importance and to preserve them by creating 3D models.