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Kinesthetic Learning

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The desk cycle, under desk elliptical and chair exercisers will be used in my classroom to help kinesthetic learners stay focused throughout the class period. My goal is to have it help decrease students who tend to fidget and who require being active as opposed to remaining seated and still throughout the day. The equipment will help engage students in a lesson and hopefully decrease their fidgeting. It is also increases their physical activity level by allowing them to receive exercise throughout the class period.

Moving Minds

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Childhood obesity is a rising problem in the US. More and more children are being diagnosed with obesity and diabetes and other risk factors associated with obesity. This is largely in part to a sedentary lifestyle of television and video gaming and poor eating habits. In order to help address the problem, I am incorporating fit desks in my classroom. It is a folding exercise bike/work station that helps combat long periods of inactivity from sitting. The desk has a console that provides continuous feedback that displays distance, calories and time. I will rotate students on a daily basis and monitor their distance/calories/time per month to check for any improvements and or decreases in their time and distance. Student data will be tracked throughout the year and students will also take part in surveys/questionnaires to determine if their fitness level has increased due to any outside factors (sports/workouts at home).

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