Concourse E – Segment B

Concourse E – Segment B

Presenter 1: Andrus Sizemore & Christa Collins

Expresso Yourself

Students with special needs often struggle with self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills due to their disability. To improve self-confidence and expressive communication skills, students will operate a coffee cart at school and at the local farmer’s market. Students will prepare, serve, and sell a variety of coffees to fellow students, staff, and community members. A variety of settings will be utilized for sales including during the school day, athletic events, and farmer’s markets. Students will be given the opportunity to build self-confidence and interpersonal communication skills as well as focus on specific mathematical skills with regards to money.

Presenter 2: Trajon Campbell & Ava Dixon

KVEC Student Senate

Presenter 3: Jennifer Sluss

A Book About Me: Passing On the Gift of Reading

In a culture of high-stakes testing, it can be difficult as educators to provide students with authentic purposes for writing. Although the Kentucky Academic Standards require 12th grade students to “create and produce” narrative writing for grades 11 and 12, finding motivation for an assignment at that level can be challenging when little to no narrative writing is required after graduation. In addition, some students find it difficult to write and share a personal narrative and the thought of composing an entire short story can be daunting. We as educators know that when students, especially seniors, write for a genuine audience, the quality of work is better and the student is more invested. Writing a children’s book eases any anxiety a student may have and provides a familiar format in which to share his or her creative ideas.

Presenter 4: Ashland Independent ATC

Tiny House Project

Presenter 5: Emaleigh Osborn

Virtual Labs: Empowering Eastern Kentucky Students

By increasing student access to rigorous virtual labs, students will achieve higher mastery on Chemistry concepts. While there is already research to prove the quality of student engagement and rigor for virtual labs, the effectiveness will be measured through careful experimental design.

Presenter 6: Autumn Chapman

It’s Beginning to Look Like A Pirate Christmas Printmaking Christmas cards to be mailed to all enrolled students homes

To share and promote the idea of family that we have here in the Belfry High School community, we would like to send home a special message to all students’ homes for the holiday season. Anyone can buy and send a Christmas card, but we are wanting to design and create our own special message and card that would be mailed to all of our student’s homes.

Presenter 7: Patrick Lester

Slippery When Wet

My grant titled “Slippery When Wet” focuses on the creation of TABLETS loaded with materials for our Driver’s Education students at Phelps High School. These tablets will contain curriculum provided by Insurance Companies and companies like Triple A and other resources like the Kentucky Driver’s Manual which no longer is found in print form. In addition, these tablets will have driving simulators, video resources and much more for students to use on days that they are not behind the wheel.

Presenter 8: Cristen Pulliam & Jamey Sellars

Blended Transitions: Putting Curriculum into Action

The purpose of this action research study is to investigate the implication of web based transitional learning curriculum to systematically study and address the gap between requisite skills and curriculum requirements for exceptional students whom have specialized needs in the area of transition. The curriculum will be the bridge between interest, knowledge, and performance skills necessary for post-secondary transition from high school to careers or educational settings. This will help ensure that the transition planning and process for students with exceptionalities will be systematic, comprehensive and based on student interest and diverse needs. Through the KVEC Special Education Transition Innovation Grant, the ONEDER Academy curriculum will be purchased to implement a blended transition and social-emotional learning curriculum to support a range of accommodations for exceptional students.