Boardroom Upper Level – Segment A

Boardroom Upper Level – Segment A

Presenter 1: Allen Elementary ACT Team

2020 Plan for Improvement

Presenter 2: Leisa Ammerman & Tommy Judd

Backyard Permaculture

This project is a full-scale integration problem-based event with collaboration between special needs teachers, technical teachers, students, business and industry and area specific experts. Special needs students will learn problem-solving, teamwork and employ-ability skills as they research, plan for construction and then construct a storage-type building.

Presenter 3: Britni Tincher-Back

Music and Movement in Math

“Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.” –Ludwig van Beethoven -Have you ever studied the benefits of moving while learning? Studies suggest that after 3 minutes of sitting in one place, your mind starts to wonder off and it becomes to harder to focus. 3 minutes! Let that sink in just for a minute. How many times do we subject our students to 3 minutes of sitting? That is every single day in my classroom. After witnessing Ron Clark using movements from dancing, music, and lights as a rewards and learning system, I am completely convinced that this is the way we should be getting our students engaged and involved in our lessons to retain what they need throughout their educational journey. No more dumping the info after they take their tests. This will help them retain content by applying songs and dance to the math lessons each day.

Presenter 4: Mark Harmon

A Different Perspective

Across the country, teachers have trouble keeping students engaged in their classroom. This issue is compounded by the fact that most students are unable to find content personally relevant or have trouble conceptualizing the information they are learning. This lack of engagement can be directly linked to a lack of academic performance. The world is changing and as a result, our instruction must change as well if educators are going to reach today’s students. Luckily, cutting edge technologies can provide educational experiences that were previously impossible. To increase student engagement and performance, a small group of Ashland Middle School students will work with teachers to develop immersive educational experiences through the integration of virtual and augmented reality technologies. Once fully developed, students will work with participating teachers to administer and present these experiences to all students. To gauge the effect of these lessons on student engagement and performance, students and teachers will participate in a pre and post-lesson formative assessment.

Presenter 5: Caden Coleman & Sydnee Lowe

KVEC Student Senate

Presenter 6: Charles David Sparks

Boogie Towards Meaningful Engagement

This project is all bout exploring and measuring student engagement through the use of Boogie Board writing tablets.

Presenter 7: Lee County ATC

Tiny House

Home is where you park it!