Jason Arnett

Magoffin County

Jason Arnett

Magoffin County


Interactive Digital Library

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Building an interactive digital library to increase student success. I will use 7″ Kindle Fire tablets to reduce the limitations associated with getting digital content to students in an easy to use format.

These devices would be a direct combat to textbook inadequacies. Instructors and students will be able to take advantage of textbook rental systems, offering an additional cost-cutting option, as well as the ability for instructors to easily utilize their own textbooks in the classroom. We see the latter as a huge option for classroom teachers. Essentially, they would be able to create their own textbooks freely with up-to-date, relevant, and focused topics directly on the digital reader.

We know teachers are already self-publishing content in their classrooms. This would allow teachers to be able to directly and cost-efficiently self-publish to students without the need for large paper copies.

This will also allow students to read books of interest digitally – either through the school’s e-book collection or through literary classics that are freely available in e¬≠book formats.

The 11Digital Reader Library” would also allow students to have access to other modes of information: online resources and study aids, practice problems, videos, applications, visual content, etc.

This digital reader library would allow us to directly combat our problem of practice: Students would have immediate access to up-to-date literary resources and textbooks.

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