Concourse E – Segment A

Concourse E – Segment A

Presenter 1: Kaylan Brewer & Courtney Bowling

KVEC Student Senate

Presenter 2: Jessica Allen

Algebra Boogie

Algebra Boogie will introduce the use of LCD Boogie Boards into the Algebra classroom. Students will have the opportunity to use these boards for guided practice as well as individual assignments. Boogie Boards will provide the technology component that holds students’ attention and are more practical because they reduce the need for multiple papers/copies and don’t pose the aggravation of marker boards. As a result, more students will participate with in class activities and their understanding will increase raising their overall target scores.

Presenter 3: Paul G. Blazer CCT

CATmobile – Phase 2

In an effort to impact student hunger, our KVEC Student Senate, Impact Club, school and community partners will continue Phase II improvements to the existing district-owned mobile food truck, the CATmobile. The truck will start its food runs this year and we will talk about community involvement in the program as well as the ways the truck will be used.

Presenter 4: Misty Tackett & Melissa Blair

Cougar Pride, Take A Ride…On The Recycling Train!

Letcher County Central High School’s Community Work Transition Program is still in its infancy stages to assist special needs students properly prepare for and successfully join the workforce. An initiative called “Cougar Pride, Take a Ride… on the Recycling Train!” provides special education students a genuine experience in which they will expand their knowledge of: systematic approaches utilized to successfully carry out a job, while gaining imperative social skills to make a successful transition from school to work and adulthood. The basis of the initiative is to allow students to head and run a daily school-wide recycling project. 50 total special needs students will be divided into groups of five. Each group, accompanied by a teacher, will have the job of visiting a designated classroom per day to collect and properly separate the recyclable materials into bins. At the end of every week, the students will take a field trip to the county’s recycling center to donate the collected recyclable goods. During this trip, students will be able to meet and speak with the recycling center employees, which builds a link between those students and the community. Initiatives like this one, that seek to transition students into mainstream jobs, offer the opportunities to build and practice these valuable work skills and social skills. By stressing real-world experience-building, teachers, parents and employers who are part of the student’s transition can help prepare him or her for a meaningful future that includes a fulfilling job. This innovative idea will provide students the foundation in which they can build upon for a brighter and more promising future.

Presenter 5: Autumn Chapman

Mini Picassos & Kahlos Monthly Saturday morning children’s art class

I would like to have the choice and on certain days offer outdoor classes for my students. There is a covered area along the side of our exterior door and windows where tables can be placed for outside work. With our grant we intent to create this space with the aid of our vocational school.

Presenter 6: Jason Arnett

The Virtual Corner

The Virtual Corner will allow students to study conceptual ideas in biology through first hand observations using Oculus Go headsets.

Presenter 7: Cathy Conley & Stephanie Miller

Puppet Pals for Patriots in the Pod

Welcome to the world of puppets and podcasting in the home of the Patriots! This is a combined idea of two ARI grants into one Transitional Grant. The problem of practice is enhancing the level of student engagement through innovative use of tactile materials and technology. Our guiding question(s) are as follows: Through the use of puppets, are special needs students more able to adapt to and excel in various types of learning environments? Will having access to podcasting equipment enhance student engagement and raise communication skills in any and/or all grade levels/subject areas? The Patriot Family is very excited to try this new approach to learning, improving our school culture, and expanding our outreach into the local and global communities!