Concourse E – Segment C

Concourse E – Segment C

Presenter 1: David Slone

“C-Pen” The Nomadic Accommodation

I will do a pre-test and post test over reading comprehension and achievement grades in their assigned courses. I would look for data that would reveal the differences between work with the pen and without the pen. For example, does the pen help with student test performance? Do students grades improve when they have a reader for homework content? Is there improvement in student achievement within the classroom setting? The pen is simply pull out of the pocket and it will read for you.

Presenter 2: Emily Caudill & Hannah Boggs

KVEC Student Senate

Presenter 3: Kenneth O’Quinn

Discovering Our Past With A Purpose

This placed based learning project seeks to reconnect JHS students with true Cavalier Pride, while also developing historical thinking and writing skills through interactive, enriching and hands-on student conducted research. This will connect students with their community and it’s history.

Presenter 4: Ryan Prince

Operation Math Assist

The area of focus for this project is to provide assistance in mathematics to students when it wouldn’t normally be available. To achieve this, I will use an iPad with an application that allows me to record a whiteboard screen along with my voice, so that I can explain the math as I work problems out. I will then edit and upload these videos to my YouTube channel. My students will be able to access the YouTube channel through my webpage that will be linked to the district website.

Presenter 5: Jennifer Spade

Merging Paint and Pixels

Creative thinking is one of the most important skills that students need in today’s world. Learning photography helps more students to broaden their understanding of art and enables them to communicate ideas, learn self-expression and create meaningful artworks. Not all students feel successful with traditional art forms, drawing and painting are skills that have been somewhat lost on many high schoolers. Photography is a wonderful way to provide all students even those with limited physical abilities, a successful art making experience. The use of iPads simultaneously utilizes technology while creating. Teaching students how to digitally manipulate photographs provides foundations in practical applications, how to create and apply meaning to their art works, gives them confidence in showcasing their work in various formats such as art shows, making photos for yearbook, or even just for the pleasure of creating. The problem is that not all students have access to technology. Some students do not have a phone to take photos, and iPads enable students the opportunity to create while providing myself with a unified platform for delivering instruction. It is challenging to teach photography on different devices.

Presenter 6: Stephanie Miller & Angel Mobley

Can You Hear Me Now?

This grant will give all students including those with special needs the opportunity to be heard more in classes and in other outlets of expressions. We will be using dry erase boards, classroom microphones, drama classes, and production of a student publication entitled Patriotivity. We will be giving students the opportunity to show their thoughts and processes.

Presenter 7: Loren Patton & Mackensi Lester

KVEC Student Senate