Concourse B – Segment B

Concourse B – Segment B

Presenter 1: Charles David Napier

Programming Into the Future: Building Robots to Prepare Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow!

My 7th and 8th grade mathematics students will construct robots and program them to complete beneficial real-world tasks. They will be doing this to extend their knowledge and understanding of STEM components, improve their competency in mathematics, and further develop their problem solving skills. This project will also serve to help them become more career ready by providing them with experience in the fields of electronics, computer science, and engineering. Students will use Lego and Vex Robotics Systems to design, build, and program their own unique and original robots. I hope that through this project students will gain a better understanding of the evolving job market and the increasing demand for employees with robotics experience. Their end goal will be to create a robot that can be used to either improve our way of life or solve a real world problem.

Presenter 2: Lisa Blankenship


My Town-Students will become engaged in the history in their own community and create a way to present their communities unique story for others to view.

Presenter 3: James Barrett, Tonya Fox, Candace Thomas, Saundra Bowman, Lincoln Spence & Noah Noble

OCHS Transition to the Kitchen

Students will develop lifelong skills necessary to be successful citizens. They will learn to work as a team for preparation, storage and serving of food. They will learn kitchen safety as well as one on one specifically targeted skills of interest. They will have skills for a culinary future and/or lifetime success in the kitchen. From working as a team, communicating effectively, to confidence building, these students get to feel and experience independence while enjoying learning.

Presenter 4: Lakin Puckett & Jackson Potter

KVEC Student Senate

Presenter 5: Jeff Coots & Jeffery A. Coots

Rocket Math the New Digital Writing

How do you showcase student mathematical writing samples in the new digital world? The answer is through the use of Rocket book Everlast notebooks that provides a sample but effective way for students and teachers a new way to share and collect student’s mathematical work within seconds and store it in an online storage folder so that administrators can view the progress of students.

Presenter 6: Jessica Bowling-Stacy

Picture Perfect II

I teach a yearbook/media class and through an ARI Grant, we received a class camera last year (thank you!) Before that, the students and I relied on our cell phones to take photos. We could not take quality photos in many cases, such as in our school’s gym, where most of our schools’ major events take place, because the gym has such poor lighting. Also, any action shots, such as sports photos, were low­quality and mostly unusable because we did not have an appropriate camera. Therefore, the new camera has been a blessing to us, but now the problem is that we only have one camera. We would also like to expand our coverage to video.

Presenter 7: Jackson City ACT Team

Community Development Project

Presenter 8: Teresa Brewer

Paradigm shift! From Fixed to Growth mindset!

I am interested in how to motivate all learners but particularly I want to motivate those who struggle with apathy and a “Fixed Mindset”. My students often demonstrate apathy and fail to engage in productive struggle because they lack confidence that their struggle will lead to growth and eventual success. I want them to develop a “Growth Mindset” for success now and continue to develop that for the future.