Concourse A – Segment B

Concourse A – Segment B

Presenter 1: Madilynn Smoot & Ethan Pugh

KVEC Student Senate

Presenter 2: Mary Carter-Osborne

Involve Me and I Learn

As a teacher, we live for the “light bulb” moments when you see that students nod of the head or eves that light up … that “aha moment”! In my classroom, many of those moments occur when students are in control of the lesson. Remarkably, when I have student-led activities and I am simply there facilitator or, student retention, rates increase! I know we have all seen the pyramid graphic of the Average Learning Retention Rates that illustrate this observation. At the very top of th e pyramid with a 5% retention rate is Lecture.

Presenter 3: Melissa Henson-Little

Write On! 21st Century Thinking and Writing Lab

Writing is a process, whether students are composing a published piece or simply thinking and analyzing text. Many times, however, students see writing as an assignment, not a skill or process. While technology like Chromebooks has helped promote the drafting and revising stages of writing, the most important stage which involves thinking and planning has been left out of many classrooms. With more focus on this prewriting stage and with more collaboration, students would be able to better see themselves as real-world problem solvers, creative thinkers, and authors. As students collaborate and analyze text, they will also grow and achieve more.As a way to study the impact of visual thinking and literacy strategies in the classroom on achievement, I proposed to purchase a classroom set of whiteboard tables to promote collaboration and discussion. I will remodel and rejuvenate my classroom to be more engaging for my ELA students. My focus will be on literacy strategies to improve close-reading of texts and creative planning strategies for writing. As a result, we will have increased engagement and achievement.

Presenter 4: Carole Bentley

Oinking All the Way to College and Career Ready

The grant that I wrote is to purchase fetal pigs for dissection in my 7th grade classroom I have been fortunate enough to have received a grant to do this in the past and the experience for the students has been amazing. It is a time that excitement is hard to contain. I really worried the first time that I did the dissection in my classroom. I worried that kids would refuse to do it or be totally grossed out by it and not be able to do it. To my absolute surprise, the students have welcomed the challenge and have learned so many things about the structures and functions of the human body and about themselves! I have witnessed the amazing look on their faces as they made connections to themselves and understood the workings and amazement of the human body.

Presenter 5: Mountain View Elementary ACT Team

Presenter 6: Kelah Lowe & Rebecca Potter

Telling Our Own Story

Our project will use photography skills, video and audio skills to create a marketing campaign that would highlight the great things/people/places in Eastern Kentucky. Students will create flyers, social media posts and videos and photos, podcasts, and even products to sell in our local businesses. The media students will work hand in hand with our special needs students to create these and all will be involved in selling/distribution. The money raised can go back into the program to benefit future students. Students will investigate jobs in the digital/media field. Students will develop a sense of confidence, professionalism, and socialization.

Presenter 7: Bobby Shouse

Music, Math and the Mind part 1 & 2

I am going to create an experimental group of 7th grade students who will be enrolled in a string orchestra class. Research has shown that musical training, specifically training on string instruments has an impact on student understanding of mathematical concepts such as real and imaginary numbers, proportion and ratio, pattern recognition, temporal and analytical reasoning.

Presenter 8: Tammy Combs

Advanced Virtual Healthcare Training for High School Students

This just in…nearly half of the students at ‘East Coliville High School’ are sick with similar symptoms. As part of our virtual health department epidemiology team, you will work together to eliminate false leads and piece together clues to determine the cause of this outbreak. It is up to your team to interpret data, identify the pathogen, locate its source and stop its spread before this illness claims more victims.