Ballroom C – Breakout Segment A

Ballroom C – Breakout Segment A

Presenter 1: Jeff Coots

G Suite Certification or Students

Google has now opened their Teacher Certification program now to students. Students will now be able to demonstrate master over the GSuite apps such as Docs, sheets, slides and others that help prepare them for the workplace and provide students the opportunity to gain a technical professional certification.

Presenter 2: Kimberly Howard

Scientific Inquiry Comes to Life!

Its apparent that the abstract concepts of scientific inquiry are a problem for today’s learners because of the difficulty students have mastering the science standards as well as reaching proficiency on state testing. I will incorporate the use of a 3-D printer in my science class to provide students with a hands on tool that will not only increase student engagement, but will allow abstract concepts to become concrete through virtual imaging.

Presenter 3: Regina Stamper

Stand Up! Don’t Sit Down… for Education!!!

Presenter 4: Letcher Elementary ACT Team

Immediate, Specific, Corrective Feedback Through Journaling 

Presenter 5: Jackson City CCT

Welcome to Main Street

Roadways aren’t just the arteries of transportation and commerce, they can be the catalysts for more sustainable design, boosting economic activity, improving accessibility and creating healthier, more resilient communities. We will restore pride in ones community by having students adopt businesses and help promote them through several activities while establishing a bond with the community.We plan to create 2D and 3D models of the current and future main street. Teachers will be trained in how to work with students designing entrepreneurial projects.

Presenter 6: Jessica Davis

Engineer It!

If I am awarded this grant, I will purchase a variety of Engino building sets. These sets are Discovering STEM learning mechanics, physics, simple machines, Newton’s Laws, Solar Power, and Architecture as well as Aircrafts, and car construction kits. Students will have the ability to follow the engineering process along with use creative design techniques to construct many different types of structures. My plan is to use these kits alongside my daily instruction AND build in specific time for students to create. These kits will work with my standards for renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, Newton’s Laws of Physics, among others. These kits will allow are more interactive, hands-on, blended learning approach where students teach themselves and others what worked and what didn’t work throughout the year. Allow my students to ENGINEER IT all year long.

Presenter 7: Braedon French & Maddie French

KVEC Student Senate