Teresa Miller

Perry County

Teresa Miller

Perry County


Cooking and Learning in the Classroom!

Cooking in the classroom is not something that we hear, talk about or even teach. It’s something students may do at home with their families. After receiving this grant I will make this a past! Cooking in the classroom will encourage language development, while fostering fine motor skills, following directions and other functional life skills. We will cook in the classroom with visual recipes with real pictures. The visual pictures will include step by step images to foster important life skills and also work on IEP goals and objectives all at the same time. Cooking is fun and educational. It is a self-rewarding life skill that every person needs to learn, and we need to start teaching the basic skills in elementary school.

The following is a list of skills student work with on every cooking lesson: social skills, wait time/patience, math, following directions, reading, science (reaction when you mix ingredients, STEM), sequencing a task, communication, life skills of using a kitchen, kitchen safety, and independence.

My students will follow and cook a simple recipe. We will team up with the Student Technology Leadership Program here at R.W. Combs Elementary to help produce a cooking show.

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Concourse E – Breakout Segment C

16 Apr 2019
1:15 am-2:25 am
Concourse E