Teddy Martin

Knott County

Teddy Martin

Knott County


Let there be “FREE” Light

In order to increase knowledge of, and awareness of alternative energy source we plan to add solar lighting to our Tiny House project. In an area that has relied almost entirely on fossil fuels for power for generations it is a slow process to increase knowledge of and to increase awareness of alternative energy source. As fossil fuels become more expensive and harder to obtain it becomes more and more important that we become comfortable using alternative energy source. In this project we will be using solar power. Although solar power may be expensive to implement, it is renewable and very inexpensive to operate. By successfully adding a solar powered light unit to our Tiny House we believe we can cause students to seek out alternative energy sources in other aspects of their life.

By adding solar panels to the roof of our Tiny House we should be able to power enough LED lights to light the interior as well as some light for outside. We will also install a deep cycle battery system that can be used to store excess energy generated on sunny days. These batteries should allow for up to 12 hours of light even on days without optimal sunlight.

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Boardroom Upper Level – Breakout Segment A

16 Apr 2019
9:20 am-10:25 am
Boardroom Upper Level