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At one time, stage plays and musicals were an important part of Breathitt County High School and the surrounding community. As an extracurricular activity, a drama club has the potential to inspire a lifelong love of the arts in students while providing the opportunity to develop a multitude of professional and life skills. We are in the process of rebuilding a drama program at Breathitt County High School with the goal of producing two plays a year – one in the fall and another in the spring. It is our sincere hope that with a strong, well-developed, properly led, and thoroughly equipped program, we may inspire students to pursue the dramatic arts as an extracurricular activity and thus develop essential skills and an appreciation for the arts.

However, in terms of production space, Breathitt County High School is limited to a “gymatorium” featuring a small stage space with poor acoustics and an old and problematic sound system. We are seeking to update our sound system by acquiring a wireless headset microphone system. Due to the circumstances of our production space, this is a necessary piece of equipment to overcome its acoustical issues.

The use of these wireless headset microphones is not limited to drama. It is our plan that this equipment is shared among other performance activities including band and chorus, sports events, etc. Therefore, students from across the district could conceivably benefit from this equipment and the skills associated with its use. In addition to hopefully inspiring a passion for theater and a lifelong love of the arts, it is also our fervent hope that the technical skills our students develop in operating lighting and sound systems of this nature may very well provide a foundation for a future vocation not only in professional theater but also in the entertainment industry.

Students will be actively involved in not only utilizing this technology as actors but students in technical positions will be involved in establishing and maintaining the entire digital wireless system using a base and relays, interfacing with the overarching sound system itself, linking devices via Bluetooth technology, and instructing other students the overall process.


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