Sherri Stewart – ARI Innovations Mini Grant

Sherri Stewart – ARI Innovations Mini Grant


Country Ham House

Agriculture students cured 20 hams in January, and will be assisting the ATC center, Carpentry and Electricity students,in renovating the current “Ham House”. Students helped measure, design, and identified a list of materials to complete the renovations. This project is an Appalachian Cultural Experience, with students paying for the cost of their ham. All Agriculture students were involved in cleaning out the area in preparation for the renovation. The project will resume as weather permits.

“Kentucky Proud”

Students are making jelly and jams from berries and fruits grown in Kentucky. They are learning skills of processing, marketing, and communications. Students will be able to sustain the project by selling their products. They will also get to sample and take products home. It relates Appalachian culture to modern day practices, being a hands-on,long-term project- learning environment. Students can participate in all 4 years of high schooland earn awards for their work and accomplishments.