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See What’s Reading at our Library

We have thousands of books in our Library at Paintsville Elementary and that can be overwhelming to an elementary student when it’s time to choose a book. I would like to provide them with an easy and efficient way of judging whether or not a book may be right for them.

Hollywood does a great job of peaking our interest about upcoming movies by making previews and showing them on tv, the web and before other movies. I would like to borrow from them and have my older students make “Book Previews” for my younger students.

I would like to purchase iPads for the students to use for making the previews. iMovie is a free app that makes filming and editing video easy. I would also like to purchase iPods for viewing the “Book Previews”.

I would link the previews to a QR code that I would then place on our books in the library, and students could scan and watch the preview. I feel this would make them more likely to find books to their liking.

I can monitor the success by comparing the number of books with previews checked out with books that don’t have previews. I expect that the previews will increase a book’s check out rates.

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Concourse D – Breakout Segment C

16 Apr 2019
1:15 am-2:25 am
Concourse D