Patricia L. Pratt

Knott County


Lions, Let’s Code, Tinker, and Print!

Upon returning to the classroom to teach technology after retiring three years ago, I asked my students what was new In technology that they wanted to learn about. Most of them said they wanted to learn to code. One student mentioned the program uscratch,” so I started doing some research. I found many free online programs I could use. I would like to use the programs “Scratch, U “Tinkercad,” and uGamestar Mechanic.” These, along with some books, can all be used to teach coding. I can then create a class in the program Tlnkercad and let them create and design actual products which can then be produced using a 30 printer. This project will Involve other teachers, college students, and community members as resource people. The high school students will teach the elementary students some basic coding and let them observe them creating, designing, and producing Items such as flower pots, toys, and other Items. This will motivate all students and Improve their grades, attendance, and attitudes toward learning and school, I will use this project in Business Principles class to teach marketing and other concepts. We will add electronics to the items and Involve the science classes. This project can be beneficial to all of our students in K-12. My multimedia classes can Interview students and teachers and create news stories about the project to get student and teacher reaction.