Misty Howell

Floyd County

Misty Howell

Floyd County


Fine Motor with Color!

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I am seeing a lot of children come into my classroom that aren’t getting enough fine motor experiences to build those small muscles. Fine Motor Skills are essential for performing everyday life skills and academic skills. Children are using the Fine Motor area less than other areas in my classroom. I feel they are avoiding it because they lack the fine motor skills needed to use the materials. I know this area is a problem because of data taken from our Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment for 2017-2018. Children are also not able to hold crayons, pencils, and do simple self help skills that are associated with fine motor. A strategy that I would like to implement in my classroom is expanding my Fine Motor Area and make it more inviting for the children. I would like to add more manipulatives and a color changing light table for them to work at. I think by adding new manipulatives and the color changing light table children will want to try this area more. These fine motor abilities gradually develop through experience and exposure to a variety of toys and manipulatives.

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Concourse E – Breakout Segment A

16 Apr 2019
9:20 am-10:25 am
Concourse E