Michael Melton

Letcher County

Michael Melton

Letcher County


Promise Surrounded by Poverty: How we Persevere

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Students will develop professional communication skills by conducting interviews and editing audio and video materials. Students will develop a sense of community and history as they work with various individuals within our community and develop a deeper appreciation of individuals contribution and service to society. Students will continue to add to our collection of oral and video history of southeastern Kentucky and Letcher County.

I plan to work collaboratively with Ms. Rebecca Potter and the Letcher County Central High School Journalism class and instruct the future journalist in interviewing, recording events through video and audio technology, creating podcasts, and developing a class documentary focusing on how poverty does not define our people and how many have overcome those obstacles.



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Ballroom C – Breakout Segment B

24 Oct 2018
10:30 am-11:45 am
Ballroom C