Lisa M. Salyers – 2016-2017

Lisa M. Salyers – 2016-2017


All Hands on Deck

October 2016 Presentation:


Area of Focus and/or Research Question:
Does developmentally appropriate technology support preschoolers social and emotional development through opportunities of cooperation and collaboration?

One concern about using technology is that it might lead to children having fewer interactions with others and becoming socially isolated. I plan to incorporate a multi-touch table to encourage cooperation and collaboration during small group interaction activities. Several digital programs will be loaded and utilized by the students. All preschoolers will have the opportunity to visit the multi-touch table, and with the encouragement of staff, participate in several activities to promote peer interaction. During the use of the interactive multi-touch table I will measure its success by the display of observable and distinct cooperative and collaborative behaviors by my preschoolers. These behaviors will be documented and graphed to show the positive and negative outcomes of the blending of technology and preschool children. Documentation will occur in the fall and spring to compare results over time.

April 2017 – FIREsummit Presentation: