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Getting students to be motivated to move is sometimes a hard task. You always have your students that love to come to P.E. and play, but what but the other students? The other kids that may participate, but kind of just want to stand around. By adding the pedometers into P.E class I think it will motivate students to want to move and interact more!

I will implement the pedometers in several different ways. In the morning’s students have two different spots they can be, the cafeteria or the gym to sit. Most of the students will come to the gym and sit for 15-30 minutes waiting on the morning bell. My plan is to start a walking club. Students can come to P.E. gym, grab a pedometer and walk to till the morning bell. The sound system will be used to play music for the students. Not only will this give student exercise in the morning, but will allow them to participate in an extracurricular activity. I also plan to use the pedometers during class. Students can put the pedometers on upon entering class, and we will track the student’s steps at the end. At the end of the nine weeks, we will see which grade had the most steps.

I will monitor the students through observation and documentation to see if the pedometers are actually making the students move more. Participation in the Walking Club will let me know if it is being successful or not. I will communicate my results with fellow teachers, ARI grant winners, and school Facebook page and website.

Having a walking Club can be something that students look forward to every year! Using it as a motivation tool in P.E. to move creates friendly competition. Students can look forward to be the top grade that moved the most!

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16 Apr 2019
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