Kara Gayhart

Kara Gayhart


21st Century Alternate Curriculum Classroom

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This grant will be utilized to enhance learning in an Alternate Curriculum Classroom. Through modern technology, music, serenity, and structure my classroom will grow and strength in the area of learning and developing functional skills. My grant focuses on using Music Therapy along with calming techniques to develop functional skills along with calm, organized classroom that is welcoming for students to engage and practice academic skills. As we know, students with Autism require a classroom that goes above and beyond the β€œnorm”. They are part of a spectrum that needs a develop curriculum to meet each of their individual learning needs to heighten their creative senses and learning styles. By using Yogibos, Music, Sensory Tools, weighted lap pads, read aloud stories, etc. My students will be engaged in lessons and learning functional strategies while developing sensory motor techniques. These skills developed through the material purchase with this grant will aide in the transition and success of secondary programs and graduation.

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