Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey


Digital Reader Library

The creation of a “Digital Reader’s Library” will address the following three areas of concern:

(1) With the constant threat of decreased school funding, coupled with ever-increasing textbook prices, students often face classroom environments with few, if any, content-heavy literary resources and textbooks.

(2) Schools have libraries stocked full of physical books. However, more and more of the public are engaged in reading through digital devices. Schools have not kept up with this shift in book culture. E-books are a huge industry, but schools rarely have e-book collections or devices that allow students to access those collections.

(3) Teachers regularly create personalized content for their classrooms. The avenue to get this content to students is usually via paper copies. This method runs into large amounts of paper – and money – to obtain the intended outcomes.
A Digital Reader’s Library will address these areas of concern by creating instant access to literary resources and texts, allowing students access to e-book collections, and developing another avenue for teachers to produce personalized content for their classrooms.

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