Joanna Thompson



Blacksmith Entrepreneural Student Program

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The goal of the blacksmith program is to introduce a new artform that will allow students to develop specific skills that will help build confidence, strengthen their talent, allowing participants creative expression.

This prototype class will be a small group of 10 who will focus on making and producing metal smith projects to sell to the community developing skills that can transition into a career. Students will learn more than just metalworking techniques. They will also learn how to market their product and work with artistic partners to learn sustainability of their craft.

How do I promote and maintain the focus of students who are challenged every day in the classroom to become self -motivated blacksmith artists? This question will drive my instruction and assessments of their individual capabilities. The success will be evident in the skills my students gain and the satisfaction that comes with the competition of a unique piece of art. Area artists will serve as inspiration, role models and mentors not only to the students but to the teacher.


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