Jessica Kiser

Jessica Kiser


Can Coding Support Understanding of Basic Math Concepts?

As a teacher of young children, the problem I see is that children often have difficulty in learning and applying basic math concepts. I feel this statement is supported by Floyd County’s state assessments scores that show math is the lowest scoring area for all grades head start through twelfth. By implementing the assistance of the coding club and tablets I hope to address the issue and determine if coding can help support student understanding of basic math concepts.

I plan to work on each skill throughout the week and will have a pre-and post-benchmark assessment for comparison completed in April. However, throughout the timeline I will also measure the outcome by creating a checklist that shows the students understanding of a skill prior to the instruction and after. I believe this proposal will impact the students in short term by giving them the knowledge needed for the state assessment, and impact students long-term by building a foundation for future math skills. The school will be impacted because it encourages collaboration between other students and staff that will increase their knowledge of coding as well. The project would also impact the community when the class has parent activities that will invite parents to work on coding applications with their child that they could also implement at home. I hope the outcome shows that conducting coding activities on the tablet help support basic math concepts such as patterning, and spatial relations.

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