Jeff Coots – 2016-2017

Jackson Independent

Jeff Coots – 2016-2017

Jackson Independent


Bringing Down the Walls

October 2016 Presentation:

Problem: Students are bound inside the school walls; there is no place for them to put on plays or performances. Students need another venue to express themselves.

Strategy: Most of the articles that are on the internet today deal with “How can you reinvent
the classroom for the digital age?” But I feel that we must also appreciate the art, drama and the nature that surrounds us every day. One of the biggest movements toward this philosophy is get more students engaged in outdoor activities. My goal this year is to create an outdoor Amphitheatre in which will engage students of all ages in our school. Students, include student senate, will work along with teachers and staff to turn this area into an outdoor amphitheater.

Outcomes: By building this outdoor learning space, students and the community will see
that we value not only education but the ideas and talents of our students. Several other outcomes include: Hands-on learning, inquiry based learning, problem solving


ARI Student Senate

This year Student Senate Members will be working with other students at Jackson Independent to bring change to the culture of our school and county. Students will use data and work with administration to promote STUDENT VOICE in helping develop a more rounded school. Some of our Goals this year are: 1) Work with Superintendent to ensure that student voice is not only being heard but used to make educational decisions. 2) Get student members on committee that are impacting education. 3) Create Digital billboards to community information about our school and how ARI has helped us grow through the use of technology and helped us transform our schools’ culture. 4) Another way that we hope to continue #3 is by creating online digital video productions that will be posted on our Youtube Channel and on the holler.

April 2017 – FIREsummit Presentation:

Project Photos: