Heather Sharp


Heather Sharp



Putting the BOOM in Virtual Learning


1. What is your problem of practice in implementing a blended learning environment?

How might we continue trail-based learning in the ABA format while learning in a virtual or station-based setting?

2. What strategy will you implement this year to address the problem?

In this year of distance learning and a schedule that can not be reliably consistent, my students with the need for structured work tasks are struggling without consistent tasks that they rely on in a school setting to successfully move throughout their day. In order to address these struggles, I would like to implement an ABA TEACH program lending library for my students.

3. What resources and personnel do you need to implement your strategy?

We will utilize previously purchased Chromebooks and IPads to generate the QR codes. With the grant, we are going to buy the camera for videos and all materials needed to make the task boxes. We are also implementing adaptive texts in the texts and the materials need to create the books will also be purchased in the grant.

4. What research question will guide your study of this innovation?

How can ABA and TEACH be implemented at home with assistance from the student’s school-based team?

5. What outcomes will prove that your innovation has succeeded?

Our students will continue to make progress and their families continue to participate in the program. Parents will also be given a survey to measure their satisfaction at one time per grading period.

6. How will you measure those outcomes?

Outcomes will be measured by documenting the students’ progress toward goals in their IEP. We will also be measuring the participation of the families within the program. Currently while on NTI enthusiasm and participation have been waning.

7. How can you be sure that any positive outcomes on these measures are actually due to your innovation and not something else?

Using the data from previous at-home instruction with these students and comparing that data to current home-based instruction.

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