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The 606 Coffee/606 Safety Net

KVEC Student Senate Community Challenge Grant

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One only has to drive down Main Street in Hazard, Kentucky to see the burned-out buildings and empty storefronts. Legal offices, the Judicial Center, banking institutions and the lone “Broken Spoke” Lounge are the only visible signs of a once vibrant downtown. In today’s terrorist climate, citizen’s safety is now forefront when considering community and economic development. Our community challenge is the lack of downtown development and public safety.

How will the Hazard High School KVEC Student Senate be pro-active in addressing the problem of developing economic opportunities in a safe environment for Hazard, Kentucky? These students have accepted the challenge of becoming a part of the solution to revitalize downtown and reverse the decay while energizing the economy and public safety.

Our project goals are the development of a program that will provide 3-D building plans to first responders in an emergency situation and the establishment of a downtown coffee shop. Why a coffee shop? Students want a safe space to gather and socialize. The downtown section of Hazard is centrally located providing easy access for students. Because our group has partnered with InVision Hazard and the City as well as the Perry County Fiscal Court, they want to see retail businesses thrive reversing the downtrend of vacant buildings and the lack of things to do. Community Partner Joey McKinney has provided free physical space and the business requisites necessary to open a coffee shop. Since community safety is a prime directive of this project, an additional goal is to provide 3-D safety plans for the coffee shop and adjoining structures as well as the Hazard High School building. The 3-D plans will provide first responders with a virtual “road map” of the layout of the building with areas identified with reflective vinyl numbers. This will address the ever-present threat of an event such as a school shooting or hostage situation, both issues that are identified as priorities with our student senate. The 3-D plans could be equally beneficial to first responders in other emergency situations such as fire, search and rescue, searching abandoned buildings and other public safety issues.

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16 Apr 2019
9:20 am-10:25 am
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