Donna Combs



Math Skills Take a New Shape

Many of the students struggle to not only understand the different math concepts but also how to apply these to real-world situations. My project is how to improve our Math skills while trying to help the community. My project will begin by reteaching Math concepts that the students were taught such as fractions, percentages & shapes. Then show them how they can be used in different way such as making 50 pillowcases for the Nursing home and show them how to calculate a percentage for a tip at a restaurant. Many of our students do not know how to order/purchase their meal and calculate a tip. So the students will use menus from local restaurants to add and calculate not only the tip but also the taxes. Some of the resources that I will need to implement this project will be: sewing machines, rotary cutters/mats, menus, material, thread, tape measures, bus for transportation, fabric pencils and sewing needles. Throughout my years of teaching, my students have been my guide to find different ways to create hands-on activities in order to make a real-world connection with math skills. This project will be successful when the students see their finished projects and the enjoyment that they will see when they deliver the 50 pillowcases to the Nursing Home for the patients. Once the students see how productive they have been because of applying their Math Skills to make a productive product for a generation that is sometimes forgotten, they will continue to use these skills after their high school years at BHS. It also allows these students to provide community service while applying their math skills.


Old Fashion Skills with a New Generation

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Since I started teaching in 2008, I have always been a teacher who wants to prepare her students for real life situations. My project “Old Fashion Skills With A New Generation” will allow my students to successfully build their confidence in the areas of Math and Reading by allowing them to participate in old-fashion activities/games with students from Branson Headstart. They will sew and stuff a pillow for each of the Headstart students to use during their nap time, they will participate in a peer buddy setting which includes activities at least four times during the school year (holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentines Day) and plan a end-of­ year celebration. The celebration will include calculating the cost, buying the food, and organizing the activities. This will increase their confidence in the areas of Math and Reading skills by using sales advertisements to purchase the food and materials to use during their peer buddy day, and end-of-year celebration. Some of the activities will include old fashion games such as: Lincoln Logs building games, memory match games, jacks, hopscotch, dodgeball, and jump rope. A question that will guide my project is: How can I prepare my students for real-life situations while boosting their confidence in Reading and Math Skills? We will know that this project will be successful when my students can participate with their buddy, on their own and make purchases within a budget. We can be sure that the innovation grant will be the reason for a positive outcome because without this support, my students will not have an opportunity to participate in activities with Branson Headstart and gain the necessary confidence. We can all learn from each other no matter what the age!