Donna Combs

Donna Combs


Talking Geometry through Quilts

Learning Quilting and Geometry!
My students will learn Geometry while making a quilt for the Veterans.

Bridging the Gap Inch by Inch

Geometry and Quilting, how is this possible. My students will gain understanding of why the different concepts of Math is important in our lives. They will begin by learning how to make a square learning to use the different types of measurements such as a ruler, tape measure and yardsticks and then turning them into a construction quilt block. They will even learn how to read the ruler, make 9 squares and putting them together. Next, they will learn that with different types of shapes, they can create different types of beautiful lap quilts which will be donated to the Veterans Center in Hazard. Through this project, my students will be able to make a real-world connection and increase their chances of graduating with a better understanding of Math.

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