Danielle Masters

Danielle Masters


The Kindergarten Zoo-per

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Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program will be implemented in the resource room with students who currently receive specially designed instruction for reading deficits. This program will be used to identify students’ specific weaknesses in all areas of language arts (i.e. phonemic awareness, the alphabet, letter recognition, VC/CVC words, blends, digraphs, long vowels, diphthongs, silent and soft letters, high frequency words, reading, writing ability, grammar, punctuation and capitalization). The program offers suggestions for remediation and improving skills along with activities and games to make learning engaging for the students.
The key to the program is a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning using a whole brain approach that pairs signals, sounds, and movements for each letter. Students will be actively involved in each lesson through hearing, speaking, seeing, moving, and touching as they perform related body movements for each letter while learning the sound.

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