Cheryl Bailey


Cheryl Bailey



Cultivating Culture from the Ground Up

Powerpoint Presentation


1. What is your problem of practice in implementing a blended learning environment?

Incorporating student activities that support hands-on learning, while
maintaining safety and social-distancing in a blended learning environment.

2. What strategy will you implement this year to address the problem?

Students would research and discuss, while virtual learning is taking place, ways to improve the overall appearance of their school and ways to improve the school culture and climate.

3. What resources and personnel do you need to implement your strategy?
No additional personnel would be required, resources would include plants and gardening tools for the students.

4. What research question will guide your study of this innovation?

Can increasing the outside appearance of a school building have a positive effect on school culture and climate over the course of a school year?

5. What outcomes will prove that your innovation has succeeded?

We will consider this project a success if the student climate survey reveals an increase in positive student perception of their school’s climate and culture. Students will be allowed to list specific reasons, whether their reaction is positive or negative, allowing us to analyze whether or not the students reacted to this project.

6. How will you measure those outcomes?

We will compare initial survey responses, taken at the beginning of the school year, to those taken at the end of the 2020-2021 school year.

7. How can you be sure that any positive outcomes on these measures are actually due to your innovation and not something else?

While the majority of the questions that are asked on the student voice survey are determined by the student council members, we have been given permission by our administration to gear several questions, both on the beginning and end-of-year surveys toward the outward appearance of the school and how that influenced the student’s overall culture rating. The responses to these questions will be examined, in detail, to determine success.

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