Ashley Arnett

Ashley Arnett


How Does Behavior Affect Student Academics?

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I have written my grant in the area of behavior. I teach special education and many of my special education students exhibit unwanted behavior while in learning environments. I have chosen to implement Class Dojo in my class. Class Dojo is a website that allows students to reward themselves points for good behavior and deduct points for unwanted behavior. This website allows students to monitor their own behavior. I will take scores from the iReady assessment from the first 9 weeks without Class Dojo and compare those results with that of the second 9 weeks with Class Dojo. I want to use these results to see if unwanted behavior correlates with students underperforming on tests. I will be using Chromebooks to implement Class Dojo; I will allow each student to have a Chromebook to use to monitor their own behavior.

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Concourse E – Breakout Segment C

16 Apr 2019
1:15 am-2:25 am
Concourse E