Jeffrey Alexander Coots

Jeffrey Alexander Coots


Creating Digital Resources for 24/7 Learning

Part of my grant focuses on providing training. Recently, I visited Mrs. Pollard’s High School Drama Class and showed them how easily it would be to use the Mevo to capture video in which they could use to analyze their performances. Not only this but I also showed them how easy it would be to use the Mevo and it’s app on how to capture the moments, showing them what it would look like if they were directing and producing.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action” are words that are now being heard more and more around the Kentucky these days. “In fact, Jay Hall the executive director of the
Kentucky Office of film and tourism says that state has seen a whopping 600%
growth since 2015″1• With this being said, our STLP working with our middle and high school Language Arts teachers would like to start laying the foundations that not only inspire but build skills in the form of creating/editing/recording/and
producing media broadcasts. In addition, we will be using the instructional videos that are currently on the holler to help students learn how to use tools effectively in creating a digital broadcast.

Students need to be able to express themselves, develop hands-on skills, be able to collaborate with others, build their research skills, and demonstrate the
understanding of the design model for media: Pre-production/Production/Post­Production. In addition, there is a need for them to be able to use technology and other 21st Century skills to create a product.

During the project, we will involve students in the Middle and High School, Teachers, District Technology Coordinator, Innovation Coordinator, and STLP
students. We will be using various forms of Technology involved will include:
Mevo, I pads, Digital Cameras, Microphones, Computers for editing, Digital media
software and online tutorials from the holler.

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