Ballroom C – Segment B

Ballroom C – Segment B

Presenter 1: Flat Gap Elementary ACT Team

Engaging Greyhounds (Student Engagement)

Presenter 2: Sabrina Bennett

Jenkins:Then and Now

Our innovation grant will go toward a placed based learning project with the goal to create a virtual tour of Jenkins, Ky. Our focus will be to examine how immigration impacted every aspect of Jenkins KY, from the structure of the city, jobs and even the leisure lives of those who lived her long ago. This project will have students in upper elementary (5th grade) collaborating with high schoolers in a joint effort to learn of our towns past and to correlate the past with the present and future of Jenkins. The fifth graders research will focus on the countries of origin of those who immigrated to Jenkins and the cultural aspects they brought with them. We aim to understand how the immersion of one culture into a new country affected the overall culture of Jenkins going forward. To do this we will incorporate maps, census data, and primary sources including interviews, newspaper clippings & resources found at the Coal Museum.

Presenter 3: Shana Trimble

Creating a Digital Library

Paintsville Elementary School is located in rural Paintsville, Kentucky a Title 1 district that ranks in the highest ten percent of all US counties in the prevalence of poverty. The devastating decline of the coal industry and lack of jobs has created a sense of despair. The historic generational poverty stigma contributes to a negative mindset within and outside the community. Thus, in addition to meeting state curriculum goals, our instructional practices seek to fight self-esteem issues and motivation for the productivity of our area. We want our students to develop pride in their community of Johnson County.

Presenter 4: Jessica Davis

Unlocking the Wonders

We can close the gap between ancient civilizations and rural Eastern Kentucky by purchasing BreakoutEdu boxes and the BreakoutEdu platform. Students will be engaged and active in their own learning. Paintsville ACT Team – Full STEAM Ahead! We plan to create a STEAM room where all students have access to STEAM learning. The teachers will have a focus on critical thinking and problem solving strategies.

Presenter 5: Melinda Music, Jordan Miller & Frankie Puckett

Sew to Speak and Learn

Many adults in today’s society are unable to sew by hand or operate a sewing machine. Many years ago, most adult women and many children were taught and well equipped with this knowledge and skill so much that they were able to create many of their own clothing, quilts, toys, and make repairs to their clothing in just a few minutes. I witnessed my own grandmother doing these tasks daily. When working with middle and high school students, it is often difficult to find games and activities to keep them interested and engaged that incorporates many aspects of learning. Sewing would be a wonderful way for them to be creative using a hands-on-learning approach that requires many educational subject areas such as mathematics, history, and life skills. Many kids and adults sit around on their cell phones and iPads today to pass time. It is very difficult to simply find a seamstress to make alterations in our hometown, mostly because learning to sew and operate a sewing machine is a thing of the past.

Presenter 6: Harlan County CCT

WWEP – Workstations for Wages & Education Program

We as the Student Senate of Harlan County High School along with a number of community partners have established the Community Homes for Homelessness and Addiction Recovery (CHHAR) project to ‘tell the story’ of what we are collectively doing to make a difference in the lives of those who need a hand up! Through our website and other platforms including our YouTube channel, we provide the goals and progress of our local transitional housing community, how it will impact both students who are identified as homeless and those graduating from a rehabilitation program and what we are doing to educate our communities about the devastating impacts of the opioid epidemic while also providing resources to aid in prevention.

Presenter 7: Tiffany Perkins

Chaos No More Part 2

I plan to address my students’ problems with confidence which is affecting their grades, their participation in activities, and their overall success. I plan to help them become more confident students. I want them to first know what their strengths are, as well as opportunities they have to use those strengths. Next, I want my students to have mastered the use of their Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart notebooks. Once they have this organizational resource mastered, my students will train the fourth and fifth grade students with IEPs on how important it is to be organized, how being more organized has helped them, and how to use the smart notebook. Once those students have been trained, my students will give each fourth and fifth grade IEP student a smart notebook to use in their own classes.

Presenter 8: April Sexton

Harmony Director for Paintsville

The HD-200 Yamaha Harmony Director is a comprehensive teaching tool that allows music educators to give highly concentrated training in harmony, intonation, rhythm, and timing efficiently within a limited time in order to help improve overall student performance.