Concourse E – Breakout Segment C

Concourse E – Breakout Segment C

Presenter 1: Neil Arnett

Lego WeDo: Primary Can Too!

Primary students can learn to code and build robots too! We are preparing students for jobs we don’t even know exist yet. How do we that? By teaching them to creatively problem solve and never give up! These mindsets can be developed through engineering design challenges and project based learning. To add the computer science component Lego education has developed Lego WeDo. Robots that primary students can build and code. Can this additional component develop persistence and creative problem solvers? Come find out how our technology coordinator, librarian and teachers collaborate to make it happen!

Presenter 2: Allison King

Rewarding Children with Technology

When you think of a reward for one of your students, where does your mind immediately go to? FOOD! With obesity being an issue in children, I think it’s time to
start thinking of rewarding our kids with something else. Being able to purchase the Dance Dance Revolution Class pack will en-able me to do just that!

I will implement the class pack in several ways. I will use it during my dance unit in hopes of getting students more excited about dancing, as well as let teachers us it as a reward. For example, students who had straight A’s this 9 weeks gets 30 minutes with friends on the gaming system. Not only will they be having fun, but exercising as well. This also eliminates issues with food allergies. Students will be asked if they are enjoying this reward verses food based rewards. This will let me know that my strategy is addressing the problem. I will also survey the students before and after and use specific questioning to see if the outcomes are positive.

I will not only share my results with co-workers, but also with fellow ARI grant winners. Pictures and videos will also be shared on the school website and Facebook page.

In the future I can hopefully add on more dance pads and games to the gaming system. Each game will be some sort of exercise game to show that exercising can be fun, and that you can reward yourself with something other than food!

Presenter 3: Ashley Arnett

New Worthy

When speaking with today’s youth many children do not have the communications skills needed to be successful in today’s society. The goal for this grant is to help improve students’ communication skills in order to help further their education. In order to better the students’ communication skills a weekly news crew will be established within my classroom. The students will be asked to speak about the important topics happening around them; this newscast will be videoed using equipment purchased by this grant.

The completed video will then be uploaded on our schools website upon receiving permission from parents. Before filming begins, the students will need to practice communicating with one another to ensure they are using correct vocabulary and grammar needed to sound professional and prepared. The students will also need to be sure and do their research to ensure all of their news is up to date and accurate.

Students will also be asked to fill out an application and “interview” for the newscast position; this will also be a way to teach the students communications skills. The money from the grant will be used to purchase 3 iPads, a green screen and frame, tripods for the iPads, an app, 2 microphones and lighting. I would like to use other teachers to collaborate with me to ensure the newscast is a success, and my hope is that other teachers will want to try and incorporate newscasts into their classrooms as well. By the end of this school year I want my students communication skills to be improved and I hope to see the evidence on the end of the year iReady assessment.

Presenter 4: Teresa Miller

Cooking and Learning in the Classroom!

Cooking in the classroom is not something that we hear, talk about or even teach. It’s something students may do at home with their families. After receiving this grant I will make this a past! Cooking in the classroom will encourage language development, while fostering fine motor skills, following directions and other functional life skills. We will cook in the classroom with visual recipes with real pictures. The visual pictures will include step by step images to foster important life skills and also work on IEP goals and objectives all at the same time. Cooking is fun and educational. It is a self-rewarding life skill that every person needs to learn, and we need to start teaching the basic skills in elementary school.

The following is a list of skills student work with on every cooking lesson: social skills, wait time/patience, math, following directions, reading, science (reaction when you mix ingredients, STEM), sequencing a task, communication, life skills of using a kitchen, kitchen safety, and independence.

My students will follow and cook a simple recipe. We will team up with the Student Technology Leadership Program here at R.W. Combs Elementary to help produce a cooking show.

Presenter 5: Prestonsburg ACT Team

School-wide Growth Mindset

Prestonsburg Elementary is focused on developing a Growth Mindset among our students.  One way that we help develop this mindset, is by goal setting.  Our teachers meet monthly with students to review goals and decide next steps to reach Proficiency.  Intermediate students lead Parent Teacher Conferences during Open House settings.  This session will focus on goal setting in regard to MAP Assessments as well as a brief description of the student led conferences.

Presenter 6: Melissa Little

This Does Not Compute!

I will use a Qball and tablets to help students become more engaged in their own learning. These will increase student interest in creating projects, documents, and presentations that are fun and innovative. Will students become more focused and actively engaged if given the opportunity to use technology in fun innovate ways? I believe they will.

Presenter 7: Charles Jeffrey Coots

Lights, Camera, Action: Part II

The area of tourism continues to grow in the state of Kentucky in the area of filmmaking. Students need to have the skill sets to complete with other students throughout the world. Last year we laid foundations for a program that can have lasting effects as they create/edit/record and produce media based projects.