Concourse E – Breakout Segment A

Concourse E – Breakout Segment A

Presenter 1: Amy Hollan

Voice Enhancers

Using “Voice Enhancers” is an excellent solution to help with the anxiety students have of speaking in front of a crowd. Kindergarten students need to be able to feel comfortable speaking in front of their peers. They need their answers and thoughts to be heard by others. “Voice Enhancers” such Qball Throwable Wireless Microphone, and wireless microphones will need to be purchased. The students will be able to use these in the classroom during whole group instruction, during class presentations and performances.

Presenter 2: Cathy Wright

Tiny Tiger Learning Hut

I will set up a learning hut in the back corner in my classroom where the students can take turns going to. I will give a pre‑survey to the students that will ask how they would utilize a learning hut in our classroom and a post‑survey that will ask how successful they think the learning hut is.

Presenter 3: Christina Howard

“Making” Persistence and Creativity Everyday Learning

Introducing Computer Science beginning in Kindergarten and progressing to a higher-level skill each year will put us on a trajectory for successful careers. Materials for implementing the learning stations in the Makerspace will be needed as well as printed resources to create displays around the library of the 16 Habits of Mind and Growth Mindset concepts. Kits such as Makey Makey, Little Bits and Squishy Circuits will give students an opportunity to learn block coding in an easy, stress-free environment. The ability to make prototypes will motivate students to be creative and have fun while learning. This project will prove sustainable as we reuse materials each year. The items used for this project will serve as a foundation to build upon for our Pikeville Panthers innovative future.

Presenter 4: Taylor Stumbo & Ben Miller

Paintsville Independent High School Student Senate Plan

Presenter 5: Frankie Puckett

Reading is Optional said No Teacher or Boss Ever

A major problem in classrooms these days if having enough working technology and programs to assist all students. My goal is to implement an adaptive learning technology using Ipads and Tablets and a variety of online educational programs. This will allow me to instruct and reinforce reading skills with independent students. My students need hands-on learning. They need multiple ways to practice new concepts learned in our classroom. As an educator, my goal is to find various ways to make school a positive experience jam-packed with chances that will help each child feel welcome, accepted, effective and totally included. Many of my students come to me, not reading at all or grade levels behind, and it’s my job to get them to level. Having access to technology while in classroom would be a great opportunity for them to get additional practice with reading, writing, and practicing math skills. Having the opportunity to provide technology to make skills in various subjects come alive is a great experience.

Presenter 6: Pamela Blankenship

The Mobile Blackboard

The days of the blackboard have truly gone by. As technology continues to develop, I continue to look for ways to incorporate advancements to not only make my instruction more effective, but also easier. With the purchase of the iPad Pro, Apple TV, and Apple Pencil I believe that I can “go mobile.” In other words, I will no longer have to stay at the front of the classroom to instruct my students. I will be able to move around the room and teach my students.

Presenter 7: Misty Howell & Paige Stacy

Fine Motor with Color!

I am seeing a lot of children come into my classroom that aren’t getting enough fine motor experiences to build those small muscles. Fine Motor Skills are essential for performing everyday life skills and academic skills. Children are using the Fine Motor area less than other areas in my classroom. I feel they are avoiding it because they lack the fine motor skills needed to use the materials. I know this area is a problem because of data taken from our Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment for 2017-2018. Children are also not able to hold crayons, pencils, and do simple self help skills that are associated with fine motor. A strategy that I would like to implement in my classroom is expanding my Fine Motor Area and make it more inviting for the children. I would like to add more manipulatives and a color changing light table for them to work at. I think by adding new manipulatives and the color changing light table children will want to try this area more. These fine motor abilities gradually develop through experience and exposure to a variety of toys and manipulatives.