Concourse D – Breakout Segment C

Concourse D – Breakout Segment C

Presenter 1: South Floyd Elementary ACT Team

Personalizing Learning

South Floyd Elementary is a K-8 school of 750 students located in a rural area at Hi Hat, Kentucky. After analyzing test data, walk-through data, and observations; our ACT team believes that student achievement will increase and our school will show an increase in test scores if differentiation and personalized learning were embedded into daily instruction.

Presenter 2: Gaylena Burchett

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Innovative Engagement Students no longer need to sit passively in individual desks in rows and with the teacher in the front of the room. In order to prepare students for their future careers, classrooms need to shift to accommodate 21st century learning practices. Our classroom already has 1:1 technology with chromebooks and now I hope to offer my students even more choices. This year my students and I plan to implement a collaborative classroom redesign. Flexible seating enables students to have a voice in their education. They are now able to control where their learning takes place. Flexible seating allows students to take charge of their learning and make the choices that work best for them. Students are able to choose a location in the classroom that works for them. Students with difficulties maintaining focus will benefit greatly from flexible seating. The changes I’ve witnessed in my classroom over the past two months are amazing. I’ve found that the more power I give up in our classroom, the more power I get back. We truly hope to complete our flexible seating redesign very soon. My students feel so empowered this year. They are not accustomed to having a voice in their education. They are excited to come to school each day. They enjoying choosing their very own learning space, and love having control of how and where their learning takes place.

Presenter 3: Latonya Taylor-Rowe

Invention Station

What are the benefits of the new types of learning environments, such as a Makerspace, and are they worth putting into your classroom/school? I think before this question can be answered, try to think back to the days you were in school. Were you constantly focused on what the teacher had to say or did you lose focus after a few minutes? Were you distracted easily, or simply not interested in what was being taught? These are the struggles every teacher faces. Keeping a student consistently engaged in what you are trying to teach can pose a challenge, especially with all of the distractions in an ordinary classroom. What if you could engage that student on an entirely different level – engage them on a level where they want to give their full undivided attention to the task at hand? Well, I think you begin by changing the environment in which they are learning! I am now ready to expand my Makerspace and take my student’s learning to a new level. It is now time to incorporate materials such as Snap Circuits, KEVA Bot Mazes, Hexbugs, Magformers, Goldi Blox, Engineering Construction sets, Craft Struction Box and several other items to assist students in their creativity and innovation. Imagine my students having materials to construct bridges, recreate a community, engineer a habitat, tinker with sound, and create Chinese lanterns. As a teacher, I will be able to foster independence, engage students fully, allow for creativity, and enhance student projects. The Invention Station will be available for student use throughout the year. My Makerspace needs a makeover!

Presenter 4: Valerie Pugh

Enhanced Teaching Equals Enhanced Learning

Using Alexa, my classroom will be calmer when students work as well as use it for simple tasks like telling it to roll dice to add simple math problems, spell words correctly, set a timer, pick random numbers from 1-20 if needed, weather for science, use as a behavior award for dancing and so much more. I will use the wireless microphone headsets when teaching to enhance audio in my classroom to keep students better engaged and on task. I will use my colored copier/printer to copy certain skill sheets and stories in color because research says student learn and retain information better in color than in black and white.

Presenter 5: Danielle Masters

Wild About Phonics

There is a high number of students receiving individualized instruction for academic and social deficits. Not only do my students have difficulty learning, but they are not motivated to learn. Just because a child has a disability does not mean he/she cannot be successful. My students need something innovative to keep students engaged and motivated—tangible learning and play. Therefore, I will incorporate Tiggly and Osmo learning systems and games that offer hands on learning and play to improve both academic and social skills.

Presenter 6: Renae Plaxico

See What’s Reading at our Library

We have thousands of books in our Library at Paintsville Elementary and that can be overwhelming to an elementary student when it’s time to choose a book. I would like to provide them with an easy and efficient way of judging whether or not a book may be right for them.

Hollywood does a great job of peaking our interest about upcoming movies by making previews and showing them on tv, the web and before other movies. I would like to borrow from them and have my older students make “Book Previews” for my younger students.

I would like to purchase iPads for the students to use for making the previews. iMovie is a free app that makes filming and editing video easy. I would also like to purchase iPods for viewing the “Book Previews”.

I would link the previews to a QR code that I would then place on our books in the library, and students could scan and watch the preview. I feel this would make them more likely to find books to their liking.

I can monitor the success by comparing the number of books with previews checked out with books that don’t have previews. I expect that the previews will increase a book’s check out rates.

Presenter 7: Chris Meadows

Impacting Student Learning Using 21st Century Skills