Concourse D – Breakout Segment A

Concourse D – Breakout Segment A

Presenter 1: Tackett Holli

Virtual Dementia Experience

Presenter 2: Traci Campbell

Enhancing Communication for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with Severe Communication and Behavioral Deficits Through Technology

It can be challenging to address severe communication deficits in students on the autism spectrum (ASD). My classroom is committed to providing a stimulating and creative environment and enhancing communication and motivation. Several students within the classroom have been identified as benefiting from an augmentative and alternative communication devices (AAC) and would benefit from the use of an iPad and a communication app. All students within the classroom have severe delays with his/her expressive language and behavioral deficits. Many of them have the inability to communicate their wants and needs. The inability to communicate has affected their ability to reach his/her full potential. iPads are a wonderful tool and will benefit children with communication and behavioral deficits greatly. The iPad can speak for the nonverbal, aid functional speech, soothe, educate, teach skills to, and entertain students; while providing motivation.

Presenter 3: Misty Noble & Andrus Sizemore

Sensory Space

We plan to create a relaxing, calming environment for when our students have sensory overloads that result in meltdowns. We plan to use: crash pad, pod swing, and light filters to engage students in safe, stimuli seeking behaviors when they can not handle the regular class environment. This will provide them with a place to deescalate in order to return to the classroom and focus on learning tasks.

Presenter 4: Flat Gap Elementary ACT Team

Greyhound Grit

Flat Gap Elementary is planning for continued implementation of Greyhound Grit Time. Greyhound Grit Time is a time set aside for teachers to work with students in a small group. Teachers use this time for intervention or enrichment activities.

Presenter 5: Rachael Melvin

Wobble, Bounce, Relax, Stretch… but LEARN!

My grant is exploring flexible seating in a second grade primary classroom. My plan is to try many different forms of seating such as wobble seats, balls on stands, standard desks, floor pillows and camp chairs.

Presenter 6: Micah Davis

Empowering With Technology

In an ever-changing world, students are asked to use 21st century skills to communicate, create, and to collaborate. In order to effectively teach these skills to our students, we must have 21st century tools and programs available for student use. I believe that having chrome books available for students will help individualize student instruction, build upon 21st century skills, and help prepare students for the future. After a recent training on flipping the traditional classroom, I realized that our students are at a disadvantage. We do not have the proper 21st century tools available to provide them with a technology, student-centered approach. To address this problem I will implement Google classroom in my second grade classroom. To implement this strategy students will use chrome books, Google classroom and Google applications, as well as other educational based programs. The outcomes that I expect from this innovation are: higher student assessment scores and to build more independence and confidence in each student.

Presenter 7: Allen Elementary ACT Team

Advancing Student Outcomes through a focus on Student Engagement

Allen Elementary is a K-8 school located in Allen, Kentucky.  We are focused on effective student engagement strategies, through utilization of systematic professional development around the National Board Body of Knowledge, completing individual micro credentials tasks, and engaging in frequent student data analysis.  We believe this will increase overall student performance on benchmark and state assessments