Concourse C – Breakout Segment B

Concourse C – Breakout Segment B

Presenter 1: Erin Giesler

Flexible Seating for Focused Learning

I plan to implement flexible seating to assist students with ADD, ADHD, EBD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or intellectual disabilities. Students with these conditions encounter barriers, such as: difficulty with sensory processing, focus and concentration, emotional outbursts, and restless hyperactivity. These barriers can impede students’ ability to learn content, focus and concentrate on provided materials, regulate emotions, and regulate overloaded senses. There are 28 identified students at Blaine Elementary School out of our 172 total enrollment that could benefit from the emotional and physical outlet that flexible seating offers. When the learning environment is student-focused, students are better able to deal with distracting feelings and thoughts and engage with other students more effectively, resulting in higher levels of learning.

Presenter 2: Charles Holbrook

Making a Maker Mindset

Elementary students can learn to code and build robots too! As we journey deeper into the 21st century we cannot imagine the jobs we are preparing our students for but we know creativity, grit and computer science will apply to all fields and students’ chances of success. How do we prepare them? By creating opportunities for them to creatively problem solve and never give up! These mindsets can be developed through engineering design challenges and cross curricular project based learning. To add the computer science component BirdBrain Tech has developed Hummingbird Robot kits. That elementary & high school students can build and code. Can this additional component develop persistent and creative problem solvers? Come find out how our technology educator, administrators, librarian and teachers collaborate to make it happen!

Presenter 3: Tiffany Perkins

Chaos No More Part 1

I plan to address my students’ problems with organization which is causing them to lose assignments and notes and is affecting their learning and potentially their future successes. I plan to help them become more organized. I want to introduce them to a smart notebook called a Rocketbook.. I want them to know why I felt like this was the best choice of organizational resources to help them become more organized. I will explain that they do not have to keep up with multiple notebooks for each class anymore, and how using an online file storage system will do the organizing and storing of assignments and notes for them. Eventually, I hope to implement this with other grade level IEP students.

Presenter 4: Liza Hylton & Julie Ussery

Talking Tech

This year I would like to integrate the use of an iPad into speech/language therapy to improve my students’ ability to effectively communicate. Using therapy apps such as Articulation Station, TheraApp, Snap+Core First by Dynavox, Alphabet Essentials, Reading Train, etc., we can keep students alert and engaged while targeting essential speech and language goals. We will also purchase and download interactive books based on student interest and developmental level.

Presenter 5: Laura Carroll

Digitizing Guided Reading: A Personalized Blended Approach to Literacy

My current problem of practice is the lack of efficiency in assessing the guided reading process in my classroom. Likewise, I also lack diverse materials at the various levels I need in order to meet the needs of the students in my classroom. I will be using a personalized blended learning approach for our literacy instruction during our guided reading groups this year. The Raz Kids Program assesses students in various ways and tracks the data for the teacher. I will then be able to assign digital guided reading materials based on students’ levels. These materials will pop up on the students’ account. Students will be able to read the materials, record themselves reading, hear the materials being read, and take assessments. The program will track all of this data. I will be able to make quick instructional decisions based on this data and quickly assign the best reading materials based on what the student needs. The materials are amazing!

Presenter 6: Letcher County Middle School ACT Team

Feedback that Advances Outcomes

Letcher Elementary School, to improve feedback that advances outcomes, will develop an instrument for specific, immediate, corrective feedback that allows teachers and students to effectively use data so that students will perform at proficiency or higher.

Presenter 7: Ashley Taylor

Brewing Up Life Skills

With this grant, I am going to initiate a student-led Coffee Cart business in my self-contained classroom, which will self-sustain after the initial start-up. This project will provide my students with moderate to severe disabilities an amazing opportunity to hone social and life skills in a real world situation. Will the addition of a coffee cart help my students grow in multiple areas of need? I am positive it will! Although they struggle socially, my students want to connect with others and be a part of the school community. This project would give them the means to do that, while also giving them invaluable life skills for their futures.

Presenter 8: Keiley Bentley & Nichole Cook

 Jenkins Independent High School Student Senate Plan