Concourse B – Breakout Segment C

Concourse B – Breakout Segment C

Presenter 1: Stephanie Tiller

Building Math

Presenter 2: Rachel Frazier

Coding the Classroom: Creating Future Programming Engineers

With coding on the rise, students should be given the opportunity to rise with it. This project will aid in helping students to grow with our world. With my classroom gaining a classroom set of sphero robots and a set of iPads, it also gains opportunity. Students have so many ideas, its time we make them become a reality through coding. I plan to use my sphero robots and iPads with math, allowing students to create and use various STEM designs to use in the classroom. With the use of robots and iPads, students will be able to incorporate STEM DESIGNS into their learning of geometry and measurement. Each child learns differently, and in today’s world technology is just one other way to reach a child. .My goal of coding through iPad use is for students to work as groups in the creating process. By using robots and iPads in small group instruction I will be able to have more individualized learning taking place, students can code on different levels and for different classroom skills.

Presenter 3: Karosta May & Lakin Puckett

East Ridge High School Student Senate

Presenter 4: Tiffany Perkins

Chaos No More Part 2

I plan to address my students’ problems with confidence which is affecting their grades, their participation in activities, and their overall success. I plan to help them become more confident students. I want them to first know what their strengths are, as well as opportunities they have to use those strengths. Next, I want my students to have mastered the use of their Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart notebooks. Once they have this organizational resource mastered, my students will train the fourth and fifth grade students with IEPs on how important it is to be organized, how being more organized has helped them, and how to use the smart notebook. Once those students have been trained, my students will give each fourth and fifth grade IEP student a smart notebook to use in their own classes. Each of my students will get the chance to train at least one student. Some will get to train more. The data I collect should show results quickly. I will keep track of how many times per week my students raise their hands to ask questions in class, to answer a question in class, or join a club, group, or after school activity. I expect to see results within two to three weeks. Upon completion of this strategy, seventy students with IEPs will be impacted. I am hopeful to see an increase in organization and confidence from all IEP students in the fourth through eighth grades, and a decrease in lost assignments, resulting in increased grades, increased participation in activities, and chances of future success.

Presenter 5: Amanda Turner

Full Steam Ahead

By implementing rigorous STEAM filled activities in students’ curriculum, students will become engaged in the design process and be able to engineer solutions to problems. They will develop their ability to think deeply about a situation, realize the problem, and know the steps they can take to solve the problem. They will grow confidence when faced with challenges and realize they can develop solutions to any problem they encounter.

Presenter 6: Crystal Smallwood

Fake News: Learn How to Search for the Truth!

Today’s students do not consume news from the traditional sources: not from TV networks or newspapers or even the websites of the major papers. There is an infinite stream of both true and false stories constantly appearing on their social media. Blocking social media on the school network helps but it is not a solution. Students use their data to access information on their smartphones. It is our responsibility as educators to teach children how to discern the difference between real and fake news. I am planning to devote one full month of library class time using both valid and non-valid sources of information to help my students become internet detectives and seek out the truth. This grant enabled me to purchase valid magazine sources such as the Scholastic Action and Choices Magazines to read with my students, pointing out the validity of the resources. We will also use fact-checking sites to seek the truth. Students will write both a fake and a real news story and present it to the class.

Presenter 7: Highland Turner ACT Team

Competency-Based Professional Learning

Our problem of practice is linking embedded professional learning through micro credentials for building teacher efficacy and how to communicate student needs to leverage community input.