Concourse B – Breakout Segment A

Concourse B – Breakout Segment A

Presenter 1: Cassi Steele

“Ready. Set Sail!”

To address the problem of low student reading performance in my classroom, I would like to introduce student choice to my RTI students (those who struggle with reading the most). Data from previous grade levels and assessments have given me evidence that proves to me that my students are not reading at an appropriate reading level. This will not only prevent them from being successful in reading, but ultimately, in other content areas as well. Obviously, the traditional practice of assigning students the same reading material isn’t working in this case. This is where I want to implement student choice to get my kids hooked on reading and bring up their reading levels: I want to stock my classroom library with books that are chosen for the students, by the students, of all genres and reading levels. I feel like all it will take will be that one book that they are truly interested in to get them to see that reading can be enjoyable.

Presenter 2: Megan Dials

Math That Moves

Math is life. Math is everywhere. Through the use of the interactive document camera and Google Home, my 6th grade students will be able to make connections to their daily lives and see how math can be applied. The use of these technologies I can better compete with the interactive technology they use daily, to enhance student engagement and motivation.

Presenter 3: Clinton County Middle School ACT Team

Student Connections and Relationships

At Clinton County Middle School, we strive to engage every student with purpose driven learning activities inside and outside of classrooms. Creating Connections and Building Relationships is the goal for our ACT team.

Presenter 4: Jordan Fillingham

The pBuzz, a new instrument for Music Education

For decades, general music classes have taught students to create music using instruments like recorders, various Orff percussion instruments and ukuleles. These are great resources to use as introductory instruments for transitioning into the families of instruments we use in our school bands and orchestras. However, for the longest time the brass family has not been represented in the general music classroom. Now enters the pBuzz; a new innovative beginning level brass instrument designed specifically for use in the general music classroom. In this session you will see how I plan to incorporate the pBuzz into my classroom to make learning music fun and engaging for all student

Presenter 5: Victoria Howard

Write On!: Creating Student Authors with Write Brain Books

This grant will research the relationship between an intensive writing program and an increase in Reading achievement as evidenced by beginning and end of year benchmark testing. The grant will purchase materials to guide students through the WriteBrainBooks writing and book publishing program. Students will work in small groups to navigate through the writing process and complete group books. The second cycle will allow students to complete the curriculum and publish individual books. These books will then be displayed in a newly created “Student Author” section of the school library for everyone in the school to enjoy.

Presenter 6: Michelle Salyers

Wonder Workshop

I will use the robots such as Bee-Bots and Dot & Dash, so students can use hands on materials to program the robot and see how messages (waves) are sent and received. The students will be able to use problem solving strategies to figure out how to control the robots. They will also be able to collaborate with classmates to find multiple solutions to transfer information. The robots can then be compared to others ways information is transferred. Many students have trouble just reading about abstract concepts or watching a video about it. In order to gain a true understanding, they need to be to feel and interact with objects. Having the robots will help those tactile learners gain a better understanding of waves and information transfer. By allowing students to work with the robots and gain a true understanding of this concept, they will then be able to transfer this knowledge in order to compare other ways that information can be transferred through waves.

Presenter 7: Autumn Gravely & Emily Blevins

Shelby Valley High School Student Senate Plan