Concourse A – Breakout Segment B

Concourse A – Breakout Segment B

Presenter 1: Drew Richardson & Emily Caudill

Letcher Central High School Student Senate Plan

Presenter 2: Michelle Stambaugh

Tablets Together!

Presenter 3: Stephanie Marsillett

MERGEing Literacy with Augmented and Virtual Reality

Since augmented/virtual reality is a new and rapidly developing technology, it is found to be a new medium for means of communication. Many Apps are being developed where students can actively be submerged in content for both reading and writing. Google is bringing VR to schools through their Expeditions Pioneer Program, Google Spotlight Stories app, and Discovery VR allows for students to be part of the stories. There are many new AR/VR programs and devices being created. I would love to work with those programs and devices to increase my students love of literacy as well as success in it.

Presenter 4: Magoffin County High School ACT

Instructional Playbook

At Magoffin County High School, we are developing a new chapter for our instructional playbook geared towards common practices and strategies, so that teachers can use formative assessment effectively to increase proficiency, transition readiness, and student ownership

Presenter 5: Carole Bentley

Oinking All the Way: Becoming College and Career Ready in 7th Grade

This grant is for the purchase of fetal pigs which will be used in my 7th grade classroom. Students will dissect the pigs to learn about Systems, Structures, & Functions, Patterns, and Cause & Effect. Students will learn about how body structures interact and the function of various organs and organ systems. Students will learn about the effects of various abuses such as alcohol, drugs, food, and other problems facing Eastern Kentucky areas. Students will use scientific tools–dissection tools–and will be responsible for following very stream-lined procedures for daily work. This will be my third year to bring this amazing experience to my students. It has been the best teaching experience for me and an amazing learning experience for my kids. They learn so much and learn to become unbelievably responsible and efficient at maintaining order and self reliance throughout the fast pace which has to be maintained for 55 minutes classes!

Presenter 6: Debbie Napier

Harlan Co. Portal 31 Virtual Field Trip

I teach at Rosspoint Elementary in Harlan County deep in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Kentucky, the most beautiful place on earth. I am an American history teacher and am very proud to share Kentucky’s role in the history of that great nation. For example, Harlan County contributed to the successful World War II victory of our American nation in such ways as leading the world in coal production during the World War II years. My students are accustomed to using local examples of history to help understand the context for national history. The goal of our ARI Learning Innovative Grant is to explore and celebrate local coal mining history and to think like historians.  We want to do this by implementing technology and utilizing community sources to showcase Harlan County and develop pride in the traditions and history of our region especially needed during our economic decline that has occurred as a result of the “War on Coal”. Students will culminate learning by creating a virtual field trip on website.

Presenter 7: Charles Michael Bell

The Giving Room – Giving something of Yourself for the Benefit of Others

Too often, many students choose not to be, or are not self motivated to be active learners due to a past traumatic experience where someone has stifled them or caused them to feel inadaquet in creating, performing, or producing something on a acceptable level. Many of these students are our Johnny and Susies that may be a disciple problem, do not participate in curricular or extra-curricular activities, and tend to hang around the middle to lower part of the GPA scale. These are the students that seem to “fall between the cracks”. It’s time for that to STOP!

Presenter 8: Lee County High School Community Challenge Team