Concourse A – Breakout Segment A

Concourse A – Breakout Segment A

Presenter 1: Morgan Cox & Brooklyn Brandenburg

Lee County High School Student Senate Plan

Presenter 2: Belinda Lester

Kindles for Kids

I received a grant to purchase Kindles for my classroom. I am able to use these Kindles in a variety of ways to increase the use of technology in my classroom, from utilizing eBooks to educational apps that the students can use in class as well. With the kindles, we can pair them to the classroom Echo Dot when reading novels aloud to allow the Echo Dot to assist in classroom read-alouds. Students can also use them for research and study purposes.

Presenter 3: Deanna Jacobs

Rocking and Rolling Reading!

Cordia School has set aside a classroom for students in Kindergartern through Eighth grade to utilize for Accelerated Reading. We have walls lined with books and reading materials and we have tables filled with computers. However, we are lacking the materials needed to allow students the comfortability and individual needs that come with flexible seating. Currently, students only seating options are hard, straight backed chairs. This grant will be used to purchase flexible seating for our computer lab and will be utilized by all students at Cordia School.

Presenter 4: Michelle Scott

Pikeville Roboteers

Will the use of robotics continue to develop 21st-century skills and growth mindset habits in middle grades students? With the help of this grant last year I was able to put a STEAM and Robotics focus on our Gifted & Talented program. The results were remarkable. I had hoped the engineering design process of building and programming robots would foster more grit and perseverance in problem-solving. That was just what I got. As students progressed with their robots it was evident their fixed mindset was turning into a growth mindset by their comments and reflections. The teachers commented on their problem-solving skills in their classrooms. It was wonderful to see them learning 21st-century skills and developing lifelong learning habits.

Presenter 5: Bethany Tackett

Seeing is Believing!

Students in this region rarely have the opportunity to travel beyond the mountains of eastern Kentucky. As someone who has had the privilege of seeing the beauty of this great land, I long for my students to experience the majestic mountains, vast oceans, frozen glaciers and dry, desolate deserts that I have seen. An innovative way to engage students in secondary Earth Science would be to give them the chance to see it in a meaningful way. The virtual reality goggles would bring the world into clear view, helping them to understand the importance of conservation of our natural resources, the process of weathering and erosion, as well as becoming aware of the diversity of the landscape in various regions of the world.

Presenter 6: Letcher County High School

Outdoor Classroom and Gardens

Presenter 7: Jessica Davis

Stand Up with Interactive Tables

I would be able to purchase 6 plexiglass table tops with all the hardware to secure to the tables. These table tops would not only give us access to a dry erase surface but would allow the students to put templates, posters, etc under the plexiglass and using the surface to write. This would be an exciting initiative to allow the students to have a surface that would increase collaboration, help with the planning of group projects, and explore in their STEAM projects with a new dimension of learning. Having these surfaces on standing workstations could give my students an opportunity to guide themselves and others through their own learning. This would allow a  giant step in my blended learning classroom to reach towards a completely student-led classroom!