Boardroom Upper Level – Breakout Segment C

Boardroom Upper Level – Breakout Segment C

Presenter 1: Britni Tincher-Back

“GREEN” With Innovation

This year I will be teaching our very first Agricultural Science Class at Jackson City School and I have never been more excited! We have graciously been given a plot of land in our community to tend to and garden. My plans are to start a greenhouse business and have a year-round supply of fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants for my students to run their own business. With this greenhouse and supplies grant, it will aid in helping us start our plants indoors and have a business up and running before school is out of session. It will also help our students understand the importance of working hard to make a profit and learning how to take care and nurture plants to benefit from the best profit possible. This picture below shows the raised bed (we have 3) that we are fortunate to have. We currently do not have our greenhouse in, so this is a picture of my AG students working to plant fall produce at the beginning of this year.

Presenter 2: Jeffery Alexander Coots

Virtual Reality Connection

My first grant is composed of using virtual reality within the classroom to further education. The way I plan on doing this is by allowing students within my geometry course to get to see various areas from a 3D perspective. This can mean they see places in real life that they never could before and use this to give students a new way to learn about various concepts that will be discussed in class. By giving students this opportunity it opens up new ways of teaching and gives students a fun and more engaging approach to learning. I will also be using the Playstation 4 and Playstation VR within my computer science course to create psome kind of media that will be usable within 3D such as a game or application of some kind. This gives my a new media to learn how to work with that gives them a step above other students who may not have had this kind of opportunity.

Presenter 3: Sterling Harris


With a new drama program at Breathitt High School, we suffer from a substantial lack of funds which is inhibiting our ability to build professional, large-scale sets. For our Fall production of Treasure Island, we plan to enlist our drama students (from 3 classes) to build, paint, and make use of a large-scale set that recreates an 18th -century sailing ship.

Presenter 4: Orville Bennett & Jim Evans

More Than Chilling

Resources to teach innovative principles of Floral Design. By teaching many principles of Floral Design, I can engage student on a project-based learning lab, which leads to an artistic creative expression of the student. These labs provide students with flowers and other live plant materials to learn plant specimen, care, and uses of fresh-cut flower arrangement. This project also allows for sustainability of the project offering opportunities for sales of the product, teaching real-world problems.

Presenter 5: Emanuela Price

READ Ñ in Spanish

Currently, our Spanish curriculum and class materials are mostly teacher­designed and/or teacher-selected from an array of permissible sources, often from the internet. Given the novice proficiency level of our students, making learning meaningful and relevant and providing optimal opportunities for creativity and language acquisition and production is dependent on providing a variety of Comprehensible Input, which is simply defined as language that can be understood by learners despite their not being able to process every word or structure.

Presenter 6: Lee County ATC

Tiny House

Presenter 7: Caleb Barnett & Victoria Ruanto

Cordia High School Student Senate Plan