Ballroom C – Breakout Segment C

Ballroom C – Breakout Segment C

Presenter 1:Les Trimble

Tiger Tracks

Getting students to be motivated to move is sometimes a hard task. You always have your students that love to come to P.E. and play, but what but the other students? The other kids that may participate, but kind of just want to stand around. By adding the pedometers into P.E class I think it will motivate students to want to move and interact more!

Presenter 2: Breathitt County High School Community Challenge Team


Presenter 3: Dawn Kinner

Kinesthetic Learning

The desk cycle, under desk elliptical and chair exercisers will be used in my classroom to help kinesthetic learners stay focused throughout the class period. My goal is to have it help decrease students who tend to fidget and who require being active as opposed to remaining seated and still throughout the day. The equipment will help engage students in a lesson and hopefully decrease their fidgeting. It is also increases their physical activity level by allowing them to receive exercise throughout the class period.

Presenter 4: Melissa Blackburn & Mary Ann Pack

Watch me grow Gardens

A see through garden where students can see roots develop into vegetables and the difference in tap and fibrous root systems.

Presenter 5: Brittany Vires & Trajon Campbell

Hazard High School Student Senate Plan

Presenter 6: Teresa Brewer

Project Inspiration

This initiative will develop and enhance student leadership as they build a vested interest in their learning environment. Student leaders will train in Arts appreciation by visiting the Kentucky Folk Art Center and Adkins Gallery to examine exemplar art pieces. As students increase their knowledge of the Arts , they will share through Peer tutoring. The student senate will lead the student body to plan, and create a variety of Art installations and comfortable spaces for learning. “Heritage and the Arts” Community Challenge Grant Our goal is to see our community and school come together to form an educated unit of artisans that will embrace our rich cultural heritage and focus on a common interest. Scholars will study a variety of Arts and work to establish a cohesive arts community designed by our stakeholders.

Presenter 7: Knott County ATC

Tiny House

Presenter 8: Holli Tackett

Virtual Dementia Experience

As a Health Science instructor who seeks to prepare high school students for a career in Health Care, I often find challenges in the classroom due to the lack of exposure to health care concepts. One of these concepts is the progression of Dementia, which is pertinent to the career choice that my program offers. Statistics show that Dementia affects over fifty percent of patients in Long-Term Care facilities. Students who are interested in a career working in Long-Term Care often are foreign to the concept of Dementia, how it affects their patients, and how to treat each patient who suffers from Dementia. This problem is prominent among high school students, and is reflected during clinical site visits as students are confused as to what the patient is experiencing and how to treat the patient. For example, a patient suffering from Dementia may displays signs of aggression, confusion and talking about nonrelative ideas.