Ballroom C – Breakout Segment B

Ballroom C – Breakout Segment B

Presenter 1: Hannah Griffith & Kaylan Brewer

Breathitt County Student Senate Plan

Presenter 2: Knott Central High School Community Challenge Team

Patriot Pavilion #cultivatecommunity

Presenter 3: Stephanie Younger

Promoting Rigorous Computer Science in Eastern Kentucky

We have seen through recent years how the Introduction to Programming course and AP Computer Science Principles have emerged as student favorites in the world of computer science offerings at the high school level. However, from there where do students go? There are many advanced curriculums available for these students but many lack the proper tools to truly be supportive of long-term and rigorous student learning. With the Amazon Future Engineer Program and Edhesive AP Computer Science A Curriculum students have access to rigorous industry developed curriculum and scholarship/internship opportunities that are not seen or supported through other curriculums. With these resources and supports available, students will have the advantage as they further pursue computer science opportunities.

Presenter 4: Lawrence County High School ACT Team

Utilizing 1:1 Technology for Life-Long Learning

Lawrence County High School is focusing on developing a system of core instructional strategies used with one-to-one technology (aligned to the gradual release model) that everyone (students, teachers, principals, and parents) use to ensure student learning outcomes

Presenter 5: Mallory Williamson

Charity, Pathos, and the Healing Power of Music

The Belfry High School Department of Music would like to become more involved with the community. This involvement will benefit not only my students’ playing ability but instill a desire to help others. The act of sight reading increases music literacy for all students. This is vital to our growth as an ensemble in order to play “An American Elegy” by Frank Ticheli. My upper classmen will benefit from a more rigorous repertoire and therefore be more prepared to play in a collegiate ensemble. Our organization plans to host and participate in several local events. Among others, we plan to host a vigil for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day (October 15) and visit local nursing homes to perform Christmas music in small ensembles. The culmination of this project will be our spring concert. April 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. Our spring concert will feature a collection of works centered around loss, hope, and perseverance. The central piece of this concert will be “An American Elegy” by Frank Ticheli, which was commissioned in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the Columbine shooting. This year’s theme will be hope and perseverance in the face of tragedy. Music’s ability to heal after tragedies is evident through this work. The challenge this piece of music brings to my students will supplement their aesthetic growth.

Presenter 6:  Michael Melton

Promise Surrounded by Poverty: How we Persevere

At Knott County Central High School, we have been raising fish for the past five years. We currently operate three fish tanks: a 1000 gallon, a 600 gallon, and a 400-gallon tank. The two larger tanks are used to produce Kot, and the smaller tank produces TUapta. We have been using some of the waste as fertilizer for plants in the greenhouse. We would like to expand our use of waste to include other plant production. With some plumbing and construction of a float bed system, we can more efficiently utilize the fish waste. The plan would be to build a float bed system between the fish tanks and the greenhouse. This system would be gravity fed from the fish tanks to the float bed system. After the water flows through the float bed system and fertilizes the plants, the water would be directed to the greenhouse to be used to water plants. This system would maximize the use of nitrogen waste produced by the fish and minimize the use of new water.

Presenter 7: Zack Bolton

Don’t Flush the Fertilizer

Students will develop professional communication skills by conducting interviews and editing audio and video materials. Students will develop a sense of community and history as they work with various individuals within our community and develop a deeper appreciation of individuals contribution and service to society. Students will continue to add to our collection of oral and video history of southeastern Kentucky and Letcher County.